Capstar – The Best Flea Treatment After an Outdoor Trip

Capstar Flea Treatment
A vacation with your pet is truly relaxing. An absolute frolic, the time spent outdoors with the furry friend creates great memories. That country side destination or trip to the woods with your dog or cat could be the best way to unwind. Be it a family time or just the two of you together, that feeling of the green earth cannot match any other pleasures. However, the biggest fear of pet parents is of pests attacking their cute pooch or kitty when on the trip.

Most pet owners encounter the problem of heavy flea infestation after they return from an adventure trip. This is because open spaces and greens are filled with pests that hop on your pet. Most common parasites that attack the pet are fleas. Fleas can be unnerving for the pet as they bite her skin and suck blood. These tiny vampires create a hell for the pet. Apart from biting, they also inject diseases and tapeworms that could be dreadful for the pet.

A quick solution to combat heavy flea infestation acquired by a road trip or a vacation is Capstar flea treatment for cats and dogs. The Capstar pill is the quickest flea treatment that destroys whole of the existing flea population. The tablet starts its killing action within 30 minutes of administration and eradicates 90% fleas within just 4 to 6 hours. Its effect lasts for one day and during that time all the fleas on the pet’s body are killed and demolished.

Why Capstar Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats?

Very easy to administer – An oral treatment in tablet form

Fast action – Takes just 4 hours to kill fleas on dogs and 6 hours to destroy fleas on cats

Avoids an episode of dermatitis – Saves the pet from diseases like Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) in dogs and miliary dermatitis in cats

No issue with medication combinations – It can be easily combined with other long term flea treatments, wormers, vaccines and antibiotics

High safety margin – The tablets are safe for kittens 4 weeks and older, cats, puppies and dogs. It is also safe during all life stages of the pet

No adverse effects – This quick fix treatment does not have any adverse effects. Note: occasionally, pets may scratch which is a temporary reaction generated by the sudden movement of the dying fleas

Affordable – A single-dose treatment is easy on the pockets as well

To conclude,  Capstar is a very reliable treatment option for pets suffering from a sudden flea invasion. If you are planning a vacation and need a fast-acting product to combat a sudden flea attack on your pet then just put those worries to rest. You can easily get rid of fleas with a single dose of Capstar tablets for cats and dogs. So, keep those flea blues aside and plan your next vacation today. Enjoy that family or ‘we time’ with your best friend for life!