National Desexing Month – Get Your Pet Spayed at the Right Time

National Desexing Month
Desexing your pet is one of the most important decisions you need to take. It is important because it keeps the pet physically and mentally fit. Another reason is that it saves you from the unexpected behaviour of the pet. Apart from medical and behavioural reasons, spaying and neutering helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It saves so many animals from entering shelter homes. Nobody can afford litters of cats and dogs and then eventually all these animals are either abandoned or are left at shelter homes. This way, desexing your pet at the timely hour is beneficial in many ways.

Many veterinarians and animal welfare organizations like RSPCA advocate early-age desexing of pets. The reason is that it is faster to heal and easier to handle when the pet is young. If it is done before the pet reaches the age when it can conceive then you will not end up facing unwanted pregnancies of your pet. It also prevents chances of tumours of mammary, ovaries, uterus, cervix, pyometra, prostatic disease, testicular cancers, perianal tumours etc. Ask your vet about the right age to spay or neuter your pet and get it done.

July is the national desexing month in Australia. In this month, many animal welfare agencies and government organizations provide desexing services at a much cheaper rate. So, if your pet has reached the age when it can be neutered or spayed then you should take the plunge in this month only. You will also get to choose from a pool of veterinarians and if it suits the three of you (You, your pet and the vet) then go for the procedure in this month only. Choose the right organization and the right vet for operating your pet.

To conclude, get the maximum out of national desexing month. If your pets are too young to get neutered then suggest your friends to avail this chance. Once the wound is healed you will have a pet that is physically fit, mentally strong and socially cultured. For your pet’s health, wellbeing plus your peace of mind and most importantly for preventing many innocent lives from entering rescue homes, just choose July as the month of spaying or neutering pets. All the best!