Dogs and Cats can’t be Friends? Just Check This Out!

Dogs and Cats can’t be Friends?
Often touted as natural enemies, dogs and cats are always believed to live away from each other. They cannot stand each other eye to eye making them foes forever. But, there are always exceptions. Here we find two rescued animals that cannot stay away from each other. Yes! There are many stories that prove how cats and dogs can form a truly loving companionship.

Let us check out few stories about friendship between cats and dogs:

Ralphee and Max are inseparable:

A rescued kitten Ralphee found herself an unconditional friend called Max. A congenital neurological condition left Ralphee unsteady on her feet. This cute kitten met Max when she was adopted by Max’s human family living in Queensland, Australia. They have become inseparable now as Max keeps a protective watch over this little new friend. Both love each other’s company and enjoy playing and spending time with each other.

Pitty plays mother to kitty: On another part of the world, there is a beautiful story of abandoned pit bull that mothers newborn kitten. The female dog whose milk had just dried up is found nursing the kitten in a clinic in South Dallas, Texas. While the kitty is being bottle fed by the doctors, the doggie mama waits anxiously for her adopted baby. When the kitty goes home every night for her milk meals, the mother is seen waiting for her baby to return the next morning. The clinic hopes to find a home that adopts both of them so that they can stay together.

Cat gets overjoyed to find doggie friend after 10 days: Jasper the cat and Bow-z the dog are best friends and certainly forever. Separated by 10 days of long and when they found each other back, the cat could not stop giving him a hug for lifetime. Jasper could not release the grip on the dog’s neck and kept hugging him for a long time. Bow-Z kept wagging his tail as a happy sign and enjoyed his friend’s grip of love. This ensures that cats and dogs may not be enemies and certainly not in this case!

Many more stories showing love between the prey and predator are found. Contradicting to the age old beliefs we often witness creatures that display the power of love. Cats and dogs are no different and can be best of friends. If you are planning to adopt a dog and a cat together then do not hesitate. Go for it. You never know you might see a lifelong friendship between the cat and the dog.