Comfortis – How Much Can You Rely on This Product?


If you are fed up with topical flea and tick treatments or the spot-on is not working on your pooch, comfortis is the best oral flea treatment for your pet. The fast-acting formula loaded with other benefits is highly effective in eliminating fleas within few hours. The beef-flavored tab does not pose any danger to pet’s health and within 4-6 hours destroys 98-100% of fleas.

Let us find some of its incredible qualities that make it a perfect choice for flea treatments in dogs and cats.


With the beef-flavored chewable tablets, it is easy to dose. There is no messy residue left over or no chasing the dog or cat to apply the liquid or keeping an eye to avoid them from getting wet just after application.


Comfortis is not a topical treatment, leaving the fear of getting the liquid washed off. Great for dogs who love water!

Fast acting:

This beef-flavored tablet is fast acting giving quick result. It starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, and in about 4 hours, 100% fleas vanish.

No Resistance Issues:

In the long run usage, the fleas do not gain resistance to comfortis, which is mostly experienced by traditional flea treatments such as Advantage and advantix.

In pets, where frontline plus, and other spot-on are no longer effective or have decreased efficacy, we recommend you to try comfortis.

Just start using comfortis for your dog to take the benefit of its advanced and fast flea fighting technology.