Peculiar Dog Disease Names that will Surprise You to No Bounds

Dog Disease Names that will Surprise You

Seeing your furry pal suffering in pain from a peculiar disease is never an easy thing. But when he acquires an incredibly rare dog disease you tend to feel the pain in your heart. There are lots of common dog health problems; but when you have not heard about the disease, it becomes very difficult to understand the signs of illness in your dog. Let us now divert our attention to some dog diseases that are so peculiar that you will be surprised by their names:

Little White Shaker Syndrome

Due to this disease, dogs tend to shake because of unknown reasons, but sometimes it can be due to central nervous system disease. The peculiar thing about this disease is that it can affect any dog breed, but it is mostly prevalent in small, light coloured breeds including Maltese and West Highland Terriers. The treatment of this disease is usually done with the aid of steroid.

Dudley Nose

If you see that your pooch has a wholly black and wholly pink nose then it is due to the disease known as Dudley nose. The disease happens because the pink part of the nose has a deficiency of pigment. While this disease is by no means life-threatening, the pink portion of the dog nose is more hypersensitive to sunburn. Hence, if you see your furry pal having a pink nose; apply doggy friendly sunscreen on his nose to protect him.

Tennis Ball Mouth

If your doggy loves to play chase, catch and chew tennis ball, it can cause abrasion and wear and tear in a dog’s teeth in the long term, as the outer part of the tennis ball. This is due to the fact that the tennis balls are not manufactured keeping the health of your furry pal in mind. While this is not the worst disease that your furry pal might encounter, it might be a great idea to switch out these tennis with a more appropriate doggy toy.


Due to the contraction of spinal cord, dogs can become off-balance and seem to be unsteady while walking. This veterinarian condition is termed as Wobblers and is more prevalent in large breeds like Great Danes and Pinschers. The treatment of this disease needs surgery.

Surprised with these peculiar dog disease names? Now that you are aware of these peculiar dog disease names, ensure that your doggy always remain in the pink of his health and does not face any of these diseases in future.