Cyber Monday Celebration – The Biggest Pet Supplies Shopping Spree is Here!!!


Shopping craziness has just started. Since it has not been long since Thanksgiving Day, you would still be longing to get products with amazing discounts. Get ready with your credit cards since this amazing Cyber Monday is your best chance to get hold of some of the best, branded pet products at a discounted price which will not hurt your pockets.

Whether it is flea & tick treatments, wormers, heartwormers, joint care, etc. you can get all these products at a never-seen-before prices from an online store. But before you plan to go ahead with the purchase, it is very important to be prepared for taking advantage of this special time.

To make the most of this opportunity to seize online savings, we have pointed out three tips that will aid you take full advantage of Cyber Monday celebrations:


Timing is of paramount importance when it comes to purchasing pet products on Cyber Monday. Even a small window of an hour or two can lead to instantaneous sell-outs due to low price points. So, if you want to make the most of the best deals on Cyber Monday, research about the popular sites at the stroke of midnight as it is this period when most of the deals are activated before the Cyber Monday begins. It is also very important to research on Cyber Monday deals in advance so that you are prepared to take advantage of the discounts.

Act Promptly Before It Is Too Late

You might have observed that Cyber Monday moves at a very fast pace. So, if you spend too much time figuring out what you want, you would end up missing on the best deals. So, act rapidly!!!

Subscribe For Email Alerts From Your Favourite Websites

Every pet owner has a favourite online pet store that he/she enjoys purchasing pet products. Hence, look for coupon codes and sneak peeks that the company is offering leading to Cyber Monday to enable great savings. If you do not want your in-box to be bomb-barded with emails, create a separate junk email account to take advantage of this day.

Since it is the seasons of discounts, VetSupply is offering 7.5% discount on site-wide pet products on the occasion of Cyber Monday. This shopping incentive is for all those dedicated customers of the company that have always been through and have always had a gala time shopping on the online shopping destination.

This discount is also for new customers who would like to experience competitive prices at zero shipping charges irrespective of the order size. This is your chance to save big on pet care supplies for dogs, cats and horses. The store sells pet products in the following categories: flea & tick control, flea & tick collars, wormers, heartwormers, joint care, dental, toys, grooming, ear & eye etc.

Hoard your favourite pet supplies for the future and save big!!! Make good use of this special occasion of Cyber Monday. But do not forget to use the coupon code BLKFS75 to avail the special discount on the pet products. Start shopping today and reap the benefits!!!