Different activities apart from Dog Walking to keep my Pooch Active and Fit

3 Mind-blowing Dog Walking Alternatives
Dog walking has already been accepted as a great means to keep your pooch healthy and fit. But what if your pooch does not like walking? Does that mean that he will never enjoy a fit and healthy life? The answer is no. There are different dog walking alternatives that can go a long way in ensuring that your four-legged friend gets enough exercise in a day to keep himself fit and healthy. Let us look at some of these activities:

Have an obstacle course for your pooch to follow
Obstacle courses give your dog an extra cushion to keep them mentally stimulated. There are different types of items that you can use to build a decent obstacle course for your pooch like tunnels and weave poles. A long piece of plywood held off the ground by some cinder blocks can work perfectly as a great balance beam and an old coffee table can work as a ‘pause table’. Ensure that it is stable and is safe for the pooch to use. If you do not have a large garden space you take your pooch out for a jog in a wooded area and ask your pooch to jump over fallen logs. Ensure that the activities are conducted during the cooler parts of the day like evenings and early mornings and always have hot water available for your pooch to assist him cool down after the activities.

Ask your pooch to swim
There are certain breeds of dogs that love to swim. It can keep your pooch healthy and fit. Swimming also enables your pooch to burn fat faster and builds muscles in a far more effective manner. Before encouraging your pooch to swim, always make sure that the swimming area is safe for your pooch and also verify that there is no danger to the lives of your four legged friend by taking into consideration the currents and tide times.

Playing fetch with your pooch
Playing fetch with your pooch can give a good workout to your pet. But it requires training your pooch properly early on in their lives, ideally when they are puppy so that they can learn the game and enjoy playing it. You can commence the training by throwing their favourite toys a few feet away and then reward them when they get it back. With practice and time you can increase the distance and stop providing with rewards as they will get accustomed to the game and that will be a reward in itself for the pooch. Fetch not only gives a good workout to your pooch, but it can also work as a perfect training session for them. It can keep them fit while you have a gentle stroll.
What other activities can you add on to the three activities mentioned in this blog? Please post your ideas in the comments section and we will be glad to integrate the activities by revising the blog.