Dog Ears – A Brief Guide on Ear Care Regime

Ears are the most delicate and vital part of your furry pal. Though it seems small and of less important, it is the most crucial part of your dog helping them to pay heed to even the slightest sound that echoes in the surroundings. However, the sad part is what many dog owners forget or fail to realise is the necessity of taking care of dog’s ears.

It’s crucial to institute a weekly ear care program to remove ear wax and prevent wax build up, control ear mites and ear infections, regardless of the fact that dog ear structure is too complicated. Some dogs especially those with pendulant ears are more prone to ear diseases. If your dog is showing the signs of ear discomfort like constantly scratching, rubbing or trying to lick the ears, take time to look inside the ear. If you encounter smelly odour, yellowish discharge, reddish and swelling ear, it is matter of great concern which lest has to be ignored.

Redness and swelling can be a result of excessive scratching or rubbing but discharge points toward something serious. Get your dog to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. He will heed to the situation with proper treatment prescribing some oral or topical medications. An ear infection usually gets clear with antibiotics. Once the infection is cleared, it’s acute to put your pet on weekly dog ear care regime to control future eruptions.

Picking The Best Dog Ear Cleaner

The use of best ear cleansing solution helps in eradicating bacterial infection without irritating or causing any harm to pet’s ears. An ear cleansing solution is more appropriate and good if it neutralizes the odour and lowers the risk of ear infections. A proper dog ear care program is not just confined in eliminating the ear infection possibilities but also keeping the ears clean and smelling good.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Get Started!

Before advancing on the cleaning process, halt and look around to check that you have assimilated all the essential dog ear care supplies on a table in a closed confinement. To start with, you will need cotton balls, gloves, cleaning solution and a treat. Bathroom can be your best abode for such special and tricky assignments.

Outer Ear – A Starting Point!

Always begin with your dog’s outer ear as it is more susceptible to fungal spores. Take a cotton ball and dampen it with ear cleansing solution to gently wipe the outer ear. Thoroughly clean all the visible parts first. Keep cleaning until the cotton ball stays clean. It may take a number of cotton balls in this process.

Inner Ear – Your Next Cleansing Spot!

After cleansing of the visible part, it’s time to advance to the interior of the ear. Dog’s ear canal is L-shaped which makes the ear inner care really a fiddly task. Carefully pour a few drops of ear cleansing solution directly into your dog’s ear canal. Gently rub at the base of the ear to help the fluid work its way deep into the canal. The solution has to go really deep to work on that stubborn debris and wax build up. Rub at the base of the canal slowly which will probably loosen the build up. After sometime, let your dog shake off the excess liquid. You can find debris come out. Take care to remove that dirt with the use of cotton ball.

Last – But the Most IMPORTANT!

Treat your pet with some tasty chew once the whole procedure reaches its final stage successfully with less struggles and hurdles. This will not only help him associate ear cleansing as rewarding but also reduce anxiety for future cleansing assignments.