Entertain Your Dog With These Fun Activities at Home

Due to the global pandemic, we’re all stuck in our homes. This unprecedented time has taught us patience and empathy. And made us appreciate the little things in our lives that we used to miss out on earlier because of the hectic lifestyle. Now that we’ve got some time on our hands, we must make every moment count. Therefore, we have come up with some exciting games that you can play with your furry pal! These games will bring that much-needed change in your life and also strengthen your bond with your furry pal. 

Play Fetch! 

You can never go wrong with a classic game! Dogs absolutely love this game, and you can make it more fun by adding some treats into the mix! Every time your dog obeys your command and catches that toy, give him his favourite treat. 

Teach Some New Tricks

This is the perfect time to teach your pet some new and fun tricks. Training the dog can be helpful in teaching the dog to socialize and behave among other people.

Obstacle Course

You can set up an obstacle course either in a room or in your backyard. Put up some hurdles and watch how your dog tackles it! 

Indoor pool fun

Amidst the scorching summer days, having a pool day can be refreshing for both of you. Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a pool for this. You can also have indoor fun in the bathtub or a compatible small pool.

Pamper Session

Who doesn’t like to be pampered every now and then? Well, your furry pal will certainly love this grooming session! 

Watch Dog Movies

There is nothing better than lounging on your couch with comfy pjs! So, put on a dog movie and have a movie date with your furry friend.

Click Cute Pictures

It’s time to pick up that camera and awake the photographer in you! Dress up your dog and start clicking some adorable pictures of your doggo.

Apart from playing games, it’s imperative to pay heed to your dog’s overall health as well. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean that fleas and ticks are on holiday. They are always ready to infest your pet, so ensure you keep flea and tick preventatives in stock. 

Well, we hope you found some new ideas from this infographic. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and families!