Frontline Plus Vs Advantage – Choose The Best Product To Control Fleas

Often a pet parent gets confused when it comes to select a product for their dog to keep them free from flea infestation. Yes! Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the best product for your dog as there are numerous products available on the market. A comparison between two products, which are widely used to control flea infestation, can help you select the right product for your pooch.

best flea control products

Have a look at the comparison between two branded flea control products – Frontline Plus and Advantage.

Frontline Plus For Dogs
Frontline Plus is a great treatment for dogs suffering from flea infestation. It removes almost 98% of adult fleas within 24 hours of application. Not only adult fleas, it also treats the different stages of fleas including eggs and larvae. By breaking the flea life cycle, it prevents the flea re-infestation. It remains effective for a month. The topical treatment also destroys tick and lice on dogs, which is an added benefit you get from this product.

The formula is waterproof that allows your dog to bath and swim even after the application.

About Product
Frontline Plus comes in four variants of different colors according to the weight of the dog.
•    Frontline Plus for small dogs up to 22lbs (Orange)
•    Frontline Plus for medium dogs 23-44lbs (Blue)
•    Frontline Plus for large dogs 45-88lbs (Purple)
•    Frontline Plus for extra large dogs over 89lbs (Red)

Active Ingredients
Fipronil and (S)-methoprene are the two active ingredients in frontline plus.

Advantage For Dogs

Advantage is a spot-on treatment which controls fleas on your dog. It gives the fastest relief to your dog from adult fleas. It eliminates the fleas within 12 hours of administration. The active ingredient stops the flea bites within 3-5 minutes of application. Just like Frontline Plus, Advantage also treats multiple life stages of fleas as well as flea allergy dermatitis and lice. But it doesn’t eliminate tick from your dog.

Advantage is a waterproof treatment that remains effective even when your pet gets wet. The treatment remains effective for a month.

About Product
Advantage comes in four variants of different colors depending on the weight of the dog.
•    Advantage for small dog/pups 1-10 lbs(Green)
•    Advantage for medium dogs 11-22lbs (Aqua)
•    Advantage for large dogs 21-55lbs (Red)
•    Advantage for extra large over 55lbs (Blue)

Active ingredient
Imidacloprid is an active ingredient in Advantage.


Both the products are quite effective. If your dog is suffering from flea and tick infestation than you must go for Frontline plus. On the contrary, the benefit you get from Advantage is, it stops the flea bite within few minutes by eradicating adult fleas within 20 minutes. So, if your dog is infected with heavy flea infestation you must go for Advantage to protect him from flea biting.

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