What Your Pet’s Inappropriate Urinary Habits Indicate?

It is frustrating at times for you to see your pet’s markings in the corners of the house. The smell, odor and stains do not present a pleasing picture. However, mere cleaning the stuff and the ‘accidental spot’ will not prevent your pet from indulging in wrong elimination. To decode this issue, you need to find reasons for your pet’s wrong litter habits and address the issue keeping the reasons in mind.

Your Pet’s Inappropriate Urinary Habits

Understanding Inappropriate Urination and Defecation in Pets

There are multiple ways and techniques to get rid of the pet stain and odor. However, that will solve only half of your problem. The other half of the problem, which accounts for such pet behavior, needs to be, addressed. As a pet parent, know the reasons behind your pet’s inappropriate litter habits. May be they are signaling something, which you are not aware of.

The issue may revolve around following key aspects related to your pet

•    Is your pet properly house-trained
•    Any medical problem, your pet is battling
•    Behavioral issues

The first thing you as a pet parent need to do is to review your furry pal’s house training. If he is properly house trained, then look for any signs of illness. This can be a reason for your pet’s house soiling. A kitty, troubled by urinary tract infection faces problem in right elimination. If it is a medical reason, then consult your vet at earliest and get him/her treated.

If the pet is not suffering from any illness, and still pees in the house or at inappropriate places, then the problem needs to be addressed taking the psychological factors in play. These psychological factors may be directing your pet to indulge in wrong litter habits.

Some of these are:

•    Separation anxiety
•    Urinating to show submission
•    Excitement urination
•    Other behavioral causes

If your pet is battling with any behavioral issues then address the issue keeping the behavior of your pet in mind. Observe your pet’s behavior closely. Monitor his activities. See if he pees when you leave for work or in your absence. Note if he eliminates seeing a new person in the house.

To tackle behavioral issues in your pet, devise ways to make him more comfortable. Involve stress-relieving techniques like music, exercise, toys, massage, etc to help your lovable companion get rid of his mental strain and stress. If the situation does not improve, vet treatment becomes mandatory.

What To Do With Stains And Odor?

As far as stains are concerned, they are a mess! And that cannot be denied. The common target is usually your home carpets. However, the stain and odor problem can be solved by using following tricks

•    Whenever you see any wrong spot, clean it instantly. Don’t wait for next morning
•    The more time you take for treating the urinating mark, more will be the long lasting effect of the matter
•    Groom your pet regularly
•    Make available your pet a comfortable litter box
•    Use baking soda to treat smelly carpets
•    For best results, try Urine Off for wiping urine stains in your house. It works against urine stains as well as odor.

A pet not urinating in designated place should not be made to feel low at any cost. This will add extra strain to the existing problem. A pet parent in this regard should try to look for hidden reasons for such behavior. Whatever may be the reason, the solutions should be fit enough to address the root cause of the problem.