Haven’t You Added These Foods To Your Dog’s Food List?

Just like human body needs a proper nutritional food for a systematic functioning of the body, Dogs also requires the same for well-maintained health and body. A credit of healthy dog always goes to their owners as they feed their dogs as per the nutrition required for their dog. And a dog loved owner is always concern about the food of their dog. So, here are the 10 best foods for your dogs to look rich and healthy:


  • Eggs- egg is a very common food for dogs but there are some people who fail to provide eggs to their dog. As many are not aware that eggs contain high protein and it also helps to improve digestive system of dog.
  • Pumpkin- If your dog is fat then pumpkin is the best treat you can give to your dog as it is rich in fiber and a low fat food.
  • Sweet potatoes- Compared to blueberries, sweet potatoes are highly antioxidant and contain vitamin A and also increase the immunity of your dog as it has vitamin C in it.
  • Banana- If your dog is very active then banana is considered to be the best food for your dog to instantly boost up their energy.
  • Carrot- Carrot is a crunchy and naturally sweet food in taste, which is loaded with fiber and vitamin C and it helps to improve your dog’s night vision. It has also been observed that carrot helps to fight against cataract.
  • Broccoli- Why broccoli? Because it is rich in glucosinolates which has anti cancer properties and protect your dog against cancer. It is more beneficial for older dogs to protect them from heart disease.
  • Quinoa- Quinoa is a food grain which is highly nutritious for dogs as well as for humans and it is easily digestible food. 
  • Salmon- Salmon is an oily fish and no wonder fish is the best food for skin. It also relieves your dog from allergies.
  • Apple (without seed) – Apple is the best food for your dog’s teeth. It helps to freshens their breath.
  • Sardines- Sardine fish is a bunch of power for active dogs. It consists of vitamin B12, omega-3 oil, protein and vitamin D too.
  • Kale- A low calorie leafy green food is an addition to your dog’s diet. It is high in vitamin K and vitamin c.

Above mentioned food may be considered as a best-suited food list for your dog. Because, dogs are not just a pet but they are the part of the family. While choosing a nutritional food for them you have to keep in mind every little things of your dog.