Health Secrets to Keep your Senior Dog Stay Healthy as He Ages


Every living being on the Earth ages with time irrespective of whether it is human beings or pets. We always wish that somehow we could stop the clock and keep our loved ones ageless. But that is not possible. But what we can possibly do is to try and make them act young during their late years. This will not only eradicate the chances of any threatening disease affecting their lives, but also assist them to prolong their lives.

Many a times it has been found that dog owners stop doing things that energizes their pooches which makes the doggie feel lethargic. Remember, during their old age dogs need special care which needs to change according to time. You don’t have to stop caring for them…It is just that you take care of them in a different way.

Let us look at some of the ingenious health secrets that will keep your senior dog stay healthy as he ages:

Maintain the habit of regular exercise

There is a great saying “A body in motion stays in motion”…This is so true when we take a leaf out of old age. During the senior years of a pooch’s life their joints, ageing muscles and overall body needs some activity to keep him healthy. But also take into consideration the age of the doggie before commencing the exercise regime because you do not want to overdo it. Remember, an ageing body can take only a small part of the exercise.

With a regular exercise regimen your doggie not only remains physically fit but also regains mental stability. Even the arthritic dogs need to move so that their joints do not get stiff. You can even take the aid of dog strollers and dog wheelchairs as it assists your dog to move easily. Hydrotherapy is another great means of exercise which makes the movement of joints easier in water. It also provides enough activity to the senior dogs to keep them fit and healthy.

If you are unsure of how much exercise is required by your ageing pooch take the help of your veterinarian who would recommend you the duration and type of exercise that would be best for your ageing tyke.

Have a definite goal to remain inquisitive about the future life

Just like we, human beings, dogs need a definite goal, so that they can carry out their routine chores expecting better future life. It can be as simple as following their daily chores, to feel wanted, to feel that they are contributing something beyond their natural lives. For example; we have seen therapy dogs giving happiness to others who do not own a dog, setting examples for others to follow (the ones we see on social media), and even going to the office. Hence, it is important for dogs to have a specific purpose in life which will make them yearn for future life.

Never miss a moment to play with your doggie

Due to old age your pooch may have been showing the signs of slowing down, but if you encourage him to play it will assist them to feel energetic and even bring their inner puppy into fore. You can use his favourite toys or alternatively play with your hand. You can even be creative by arranging a doggie dance party. No doubt it will require some energy from you to match the footsteps of your doggie but in the end it will all be worth it. It is very important that you discharge positive energy to your pooch when you are playing with him.

Remember, your pooch has the uncanny knack of catching your energy. So if you are feeling sorry for the fact that your doggie is getting old or you see the changes that he is going through, which makes you feel sad then he get bogged down and will not enjoy the moment. Hence, always try to make your doggie feel that he is young through your actions and attitudes.

Give massage to your four-legged friend

If you have ever had a massage you would know how great it feels after the process. The same thing happens when you give massage to your furry friend. With the help of regular massage your doggie’s mobility will enhance. It will also loosen their muscles, thereby increasing the circulation ultimately making your tyke feel relaxed and happy. Massaging your senior dog is also a great way to increase the bond between you and your pooch.

Maintain the ideal weight of your tyke

It is very important that you keep your senior dog fit and lean because it is the key to making him feel young. Obesity is a major issue with dogs in Australia. A majority of obese dogs are in their senior years. Since in the later part of the lives, dog owners do not exercise their doggie much they tend to gain weight. But with little cooperation from the dog owners it is possible to keep their weights under check. First of all, you should get Applaws It’s All Good Senior All Breed, Complete Mix Adult/Senior Dog Food, Eukanuba Senior Plus Dog Food, and Iams Proactive Adult Mature/Senior dog food.

With the shedding of the excessive weight the energy of the senior dogs increases, which make them feel younger. It has been observed that joint problems plague senior dogs during the later part of their lives and so by reducing the weight of their joints it is possible to give them a new lease of life. With time, the mobility will improve and the pain will subside. The burden on the internal organs also reduces when the body is functioning properly, which reduces the occurrence of diseases like hypertension, respiratory impairment, and diabetes in senior dogs. In short, it adds quality years to the senior dogs.

Once you follow these health secrets, we bet that your senior dog will not only feel healthy; but will also lead a happy and active life. What more do you want for your senior pooch?