How to Protect my Horses from Flies?

Horses Flies

Winter time is just about to come to an end and we will see spring taking over from the next month. It would be that period of time when flies are at their peak. Hence, it is important to devise a plan to keep these nasty insects away from the horses. You can get all the requisite help from VetSupply as we provide three types of wormers that are effective in deworming your horses during the flea season. These three products are Equimax Elevation, Equimax Wormer and Ultramax Equine. All these products need to be given orally to your equine.

There are billions of fleas out there looking for your horse and if you try to kill them it would require a large truck to remove them. So the best way to keep them at bay is to conduct a program that will kill, repel and reduce their breeding. If you want to do this you need to ensure that standing water, manure and other popular breeding areas of the horse are kept cleaned up.

Horses lose lot of blood to fly bites which can be measured in gallons and not ounces. Hence, it is very important to follow the instructions given on the product cover to the “t” this will ensure that the effectiveness of the product is maintained. There are lots of repellents and insecticides that are available in the market, which makes it all the more difficult to select the best product that protects your horses from these deadly flies. Not all forms of repellent/insecticide work equally well, which makes the task as a horse owner even more difficult.

Once you have determined the best product for fly protection for your horse it is very important to apply the product effectively to get the maximum benefit out of it. The next thing to do is to start with cleaning the horse by removing loose hair and dirt from their body. This can be done by brushing their body properly and currying them. The next step is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. This will ensure that your horse is safe from flies during the most active season.