Is Flea, Tick and Worming – All-in-One Treatment available for Dogs/Cats?

Pet supplies market is overflowing with varied treatments for different parasites. And, each year a new bandwagon joins the trail with new versions or advanced treatments that can further uplift the lives of your dog or cat apart from protecting them against the wee creatures. However, with a huge collection of parasitic treatments available, pet owners are always perplexed about which product is best or which one works best for specific parasites.

Still, a lot more follows like whether the treatment has any reaction or not, is it cost-effective or not, or which version is better and most importantly, which is the safest!

Not limited to this, many pet owners also look forward for an all in one treatment that can work for fleas, ticks, and worms. Well, the reality is little harsh and the answer to this is straightforward – NO.

There is no one treatment that you can be administered to your furry pal, which can completely prevent various parasites. Instead, a combination of two or three treatments ensures that your pet is completely shielded against these nasty creatures.

However, many pet parents have this question that why isn’t there one product that can treat multiple parasites?

Our panel of experienced product analysts and professionals has put it in this way.

Although the companies are coming up with advanced treatments, there isn’t one product that covers all the parasites as it is difficult to register a product in Australia with more than two active ingredients.

One product does not work the same on all the animals. After consulting your vet try using different products on your pet for a stipulated time frame. It will be clear that some pets will show good results with flea collars while some will benefit greatly with tablets. Moreover, some pets may become immune to certain treatments leaving no other option than changing the brand or the treatment form.

Moreover, it’s never a good idea to go on changing a product over a period of 12 months. In fact, it would always be better to stick to one particular product if that works well on your furry pal.

Different Treatment Timelines

For each parasitic treatment, time period varies. Normally, flea, tick and heartwormers are monthly treatments and should be administered accordingly whereas when it comes to intestinal worms, they should be started at 2 weeks of age and then followed up every 3 months. Moreover, worming treatment that include tapeworm preventive has to be given every 6 months in addition to other worming treatments.

There are also some advanced flea treatments like Bravecto (3 month protection), seresto (8 month protection) that provide long lasting protection whereas heartworm treatments like Advocate Dog and Cat, Revolution goes well as monthly preventives.

Different Forms Of Treatments

Presently in Australian market, you can find collars, spot-ons, chewable and other topical treatments available for your pet. Each treatment works against varied parasites. While some are a combination treatment like fleas, ticks and worms, the others work individually for fleas, ticks or worms. So you can provide specific treatment to your pet as per the health condition.

Let’s look at the product currently available for various treatments.

The combination of treatment from the given list can help you provide your pet year-round protection.

Frontline Plus or Revolution – Frontline Plus covers fleas and ticks as well as various stages of fleas. Revolution covers fleas and their other stages. It also controls ticks and other insects like mosquitoes and mites.

Advantage – It works on adult fleas and other stages of fleas.

Heartgard Plus – The oral treatment prevents heartworms and other worms excluding tapeworms.

Bravecto and Nexgard – These treatments protect against fleas and ticks including paralysis ticks. However, these products need 24 hours to start working against paralysis ticks.

Seresto – The collar treatment works against fleas and ticks including paralysis ticks on dogs.

Comfortis Plus and Nexgard Spectra – These are newcomers that work against multiple parasites. These products treat flea infestations, control intestinal worm infections and prevent heartworms. Comfortis Plus does not treat ticks whereas Nexgard Spectra is effective in eliminating ticks.

Though dogs have a wide range of treatments, for cats the range is limited. However, it is crucial to know that dog treatments should never be used on cats and vice versa.

In the end, no matter what treatment you prefer for your furry pal whether oral or topical, it is paramount to administer the accurate dosage and failing to do so may lead you and your furry kid to bad consequences.

And, each year new and advanced treatments are being added to this huge collection. With ever-evolving treatments the plethora of these

The plethora of preventative treatments is expanding day by day with the wider collection to choose from.