How to Purchase the Correct Size Clothes for Your Dog

Dogs of different breeds come in different weights and sizes. Thus, it becomes a herculean task when it comes to purchasing the correct size of clothing for your furry friend. In order to get the perfect fit it is important to get the accurate length of the backbone and girth.

Before you embark on your journey of picking the perfectly fit outfit for your mate, it is essential to follow these simple guidelines.

Things to Keep In Mind

The following needs to be kept in mind before and during your measuring process –

Groom Before Measuring – The first and foremost thing to do is to nicely groom your canine. If he is wearing a collar then remove it and gently brush its fur to smoothen it. Brush its tail and also its back. Brushing allows you to get an accurate measurement.

Measuring Length – To measure length, measure the backbone of your dog from the edge of its neck to the starting point of its tail. Make sure your dog is standing uprightly while you take the measurement.

Measuring the Neck – An accurate neck size it important because if it’s too tight your mate might have trouble moving and it can cause breathing difficulties. Hence, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to opt for one size higher than the required one.

Measuring the Chest – The chest is often referred to as the girth and is an important measurement as it will help your pal to move freely without any restrictions.

Checking Weight – Another aspect which needs to be kept in mind is the weight of your mate. The weight helps you immensely in choosing the correct size of clothing. So get your pal’s weight checked if you are unsure.

Dog Size Chart – A size chart gives you a clear picture of what you need once you collect all the necessary measurements. Cross reference your pal’s size with the dog size chart given below.

Type of Dog Neck Size (inches) Back Size (inches) Chest Size (inches)
Extra Small 5.5 7 12
Small 6.5 9 15
Medium 8 13 19
Large 10 17 24
Extra Large 13.5 20 29


We hope that the above information will guide you in selecting the perfect clothes for your furry pal. Purchase clothes for him so that you can keep him warm during the extreme cold days.