Is Raw Food Good For Your FIDO?

Pet ownership pass through a lot of challenges and go through a whirlpool of facets, like when to start training the dogs, which flea and tick treatments should be used, whether to keep them on monthly heartworm preventatives, taking them to dog parks or leaving them alone on holidays, what to feed them – raw diet or commercial dog food.

Whether or not on a tight budget, a dog owner will always work out to find the best for their furry companion and can even reach to any edge of the world to provide his furry friend the best care. However, when it comes to dog diet, a pet parent is always in a state of wonderland thinking what best can be for their Fido. With so many theories cooking around related to which diet – raw diet or commercial food good for the dog is better, let us figure out the reality divulging deeper into this hot potch!

Are Dogs Carnivorous Or Omnivorous?

This debate is always there in the air – whether dogs are carnivorous or omnivorous. Can they be healthy with eating meat as well as plants? Or do they require just animal-only diet?

In dogs, the jawline is edged with sharp teeth like meat-eating animals which acknowledge them to be carnivorous with more assuring facts like taxonomically classified as carnivores under the order ‘Carnivora’. But, does that close the debate? Not really?

The habitat of an animal greatly decides what type of food they eat. Though they are designed to be carnivorous, if their environment does not suffice the same, they may tend to get as much nutrition as they require from other available resources such as plants. One such great example of this scenario is a panda. Although having a digestive system for meat, the Great Panda eats almost bamboo due the environmental conditions. So, in some cases, although animals are designed to eat meat may be deflected awkwardly when they are left with no options.

When it comes to dogs, unlike cats, they can create their own taurine, whereas the cats are not able to process the same chemical on their own. Cats do require an outer source to fulfil their taurine supplement requirement. Therefore, dogs like most animals do not require carnivore diet as cats do.

Therefore, it does not become a compulsion for feeding dogs with raw food for their health. They can be kept on kibbles – a commercial food for their overall well being inflicting a raw diet at times. Numerous brands dog foods are available. But, do realise that not all brand diets are equal. In the downside, there are things in these diets that may not be essential for your dog or are just fillers to increase the quantity.

However, it does not mean that commercial diet is all bad and should be avoided? The fact is – it is always sunny on the safer side to be well acquainted with all the ingredients present in the diet because all that is stated does not mean it is the best food for your dog.

The debate will be always on – whereas it all depends on you – how well you manage to find the quality premium diet for your furry pal.

If your dog is not kibble food, look for a high-quality diet from the trusted brand. Never miss taking a note of the ingredients, ingredient sources and their requirement for your dog’s health. Look at the common fillers like corn and rice, in order to avoid them. Also avoid food with common allergens like corn, wheat and chicken; unless you know that your dog goes well with these.

Admittedly, the commercial premium brand dog diets are little expensive compared to that home-made raw diet. However, kibble is more convenient for your dog and not all home-made food is prepared equally. The home-made food may require proper preparation. It may not include all the required nutritional values. Moreover, the home-made diet or the raw meat may contain e.coli bacteria or salmonella bacteria. The bacteria can infect your dog and at the worst, can be fatal when symptoms are ignored and not treated on time.

Well, to avoid the unnecessary health issues in your dog, and to ensure his optimal health, providing proper dog food is the ultimate solution. So, begin your march today and choose the best diet for your furry friend.

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