Life changing alteration that you undergo in the Presence of a Cat


There is a famous proverb “Cat ladies die alone” and the exact reason for that is having a cat makes you outlive everyone else. If you do not believe this then have a look at a study conducted by the University of Minnesota in the year 2008. In the findings, it was concluded that cat owners are 30% less prone to die from a heart attack. So the next time someone slams you: for being a crazy cat person or for your cat obsession, shut their mouth once and for all by enumerating these hard scientific facts.

There is no doubt that cats make for a great pet and the massive incentive for the cat owner is that you can spend your evenings with your furry friend in your lap while listening to the content, rhythmical purrs of your kitty. The tranquil position that cat owners find themselves in is mainly the reason that is enough to showcase the life changing alteration that cats make on the lives of their owners.

The therapeutic purr of your furry friend

Purring is considered to be a supernatural power of cats. It has been scientifically proven that a cat’s purr is medically therapeutic for many illnesses in human beings. The purring also assists in curing soft tissues of human beings like tendons, ligaments and muscles. Not only that, but purrs can even assist in curing infection and swelling in us apart from making us breathe easily. When cats purr, they generate vibrations amid 20-140 Hz, which is good for our bone strength and its density. Hence, this proverb suits felines aptly:

If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal.


So, now you would believe that your feline is the purr-fect pet that you can ever get. Apart from the therapeutic purr, being in a company of the cat decreases the adrenaline rush thereby reducing the chances of chronic stress reactions like high blood pressure.

Loving your cat enhances your happiness and relieves stress

Depression and sadness are the key culprits when you are alone or saddened. If you have a cat that offers continuous companionship and unconditional love, it gives you a sense of belongingness. From an emotional point of view, loving your furry friend makes you feel happy. Keeping him happy and healthy brings smile on your face, which is good for your mood-related hormones.

Since cats are not social animals they do not exert too much pressure on us which relieves people who suffer from anxiety. In short, a cat opens the doors of mental and emotional healthy being in powerful ways.

Fewer visits to doctors

Having a cat reduces the visits to doctors which ultimately increases your lifespan. Studies have shown that nursing homes that let cats as a part of the cure for patients incur lesser medication costs than the ones that do not make use of these furry animals as a part of the therapy.

So the next time you are looking for a purr-fect (perfect) companion that would add years to your healthy life, think no further than a cat. After all, the only thing that they need from you is cat food and cat supplies for their healthy wellbeing; and they are reciprocating the favour by giving you some life enriching benefits that would totally alter your life. So what are you waiting for? Get this altruistic pet today!!