Pet Shampoos Categorization

Pet grooming is a must-follow etiquette to keep your pets clean and healthy. Grooming includes clipping hair, cutting nails and important of all maintaining the fur and coat of the pets. Bathing your pet once in a few weeks, make them smell nice, does not drain out all the natural oils from the skin and reduce the chances of infections.


In today’s advanced world of medicine for pets, the market provides a wide array of shampoos for the pets depending on the coat type and necessities. You should never use human shampoos on pet’s skin as it might contain some ingredients that will cause harm to the pet’s skin. Pet’s skin is much more sensitive and thinner than human skin so the quality of shampoo and the type will also differ.

There are a numerous types of pet shampoos. These can be categorized in the following basis:

  1. Medicated Pet Shampoos

Medicated shampoos are widely used to treat skin conditions such as mites, bacterial and yeast infections, scaling, itching, fleas and odour. Some might provide good cleansing to the pets while others may not. They are mainly used for eradicating diseases. Some great shampoos that fall in this category are Fluffy Bath Shampoo for small animals. Medicated shampoos also treat dandruff, dry skin and greasiness. These shampoos mostly consist of tea tree oil, chamomile, coal tar and chlorhexidine.

  1. Flea Shampoos 

There are various shampoos launched in the market and the most required by pet parents are shampoos that drives flea away from the pet’s body. You can bathe your pet with flea shampoos, make your pet flea repellent species, and protect them.

  1. Conditioners 

Conditioners are handy for those owners who have long furry pets. Conditioners easily comb the pet’s hair and makes hair smooth so as there are no tangles. Conditioner is generally applied after bathing the pet with shampoo. It also helps to regain the natural oils that are sometimes washed away by washing and cleaning your pet’s coat while shampooing.

Some other examples of shampoo that improves the coat and fur quality are:

  • Fido’s Friend Bunny Bath: It is a gentle soap-free shampoo, which is specially formulated for rabbits, guinea pigs and furry pets. It gives the pet’s skin and coats a shiny look and cleans it thoroughly.
  • No Nots Spray: It is used to de-tangle manes and tales in horses. It is a spray conditioner that removes the dirt from the coat and leaves a soft hair, lustrous in nature.
  • Equinade Showsilk Glowhite: It is used to enhance skin and coat texture. Improves the coat’s look and does not let the fur tangle for several days.

While shampooing or bathing your pet, you must be very careful that the shampoo does not get into pet’s mouth or eyes as it might hurt them.