Points on Maintaining Hygiene While Cooking Pet’s Food

As a proverb states, “Hygiene is two-thirds of the health.” Feeding your own self as well as other members of the house by following proper sanitation is the best practice. All the children are taught at a small age that it is important to wash hands before and after a meal and have clean eatables and beverages.


However, that’s not enough. While feeding your dog with either market produced food or homemade food, it is essential to know what is nutritional balanced diet and whether you are providing that or not. Cleaning of raw vegetables and meat products should be done appropriately. There are a number of things to be remembered while cooking food for the pets.

To ensure complete food safety and provide hygienic meal to the pets, here are some of the points you must bear in mind.

  • Wash your hands properly before starting cooking. This comes in handy every time you cook food for anyone. Pay special attention while handling and cooking meat products. You may carry bacteria they are having so ensure proper cleanliness. Cleansing under the nails is also very important to maintain hygiene.
  • The dirty surroundings may cause health effects to your pet so be as clean and sterilised as possible.
  • While chopping and cutting the ingredients, use a clean board and wash them thoroughly after use.
  • If you have to prepare both raw and cooked meals for the pet, wash the utensil after the first meal and then cook again.
  • Store raw and cooked meals separately.
  • If you are serving eggs to your pet, make sure there is no cracked or dirty egg.
  • Always prefer to cook at an internal temperature for the pets.
  • Sulphur is considered as harmful to be served to the dogs, so avoid feeding them the food that contain sulphur.
  • If you have kept the food in refrigerator, re-heat until the food is steaming hot. Let it cool down for a bit before serving to the pet.
  • In case of use of microwave to heat the food, cover the meal properly.
  • Minced, sausage and whole chicken and eggs should be cooked completely until no pink is seen and the juices are clear.

These are a few points that will fortify your pet from getting ill because of improper management and unhygienic cooking of food.

To see your pet smile, run, play and live a healthy life is the happiest moment of all. To maintain a lively nature of his, be healthy and hygienic.