Redirecting Dog’s Digging Practice

Digging is one of the most common problems that dog owners face on a daily basis. All the dogs; disregard of their sex, age, breed, they dig. The reasons might differ with all the dogs.


If you are adopting a dog or planning to buy one, and you have a huge backyard; be ready to see the digging effects. Digging is just a way of releasing their energy for dogs. In other words, it’s a form of exercise.  The reasons of digging vary from the following

  1. To keep themselves cool
  2. Because of their tendency to hide things
  3. Anxiety or separation issues
  4. For prey or food
  5. As an escape
  6. Because they love to do so

Restricting their natural behaviour is not a solution to this problem. To redirect this energy in a positive direction, or even let them dig but, in the space provided can be considered as a way out of this issue.

The solution is always in the problem. Like all the questions have answers so does this one too. How to make digging stop?

There are various ways to make the digging stop. If your dog is digging due to a specific reason, then knowing the reason will help in finding a solution and save our lawn. Since it’s a natural instinct especially for some breeds, this practice can’t be totally stopped but controlled to a certain level.

  1. If your dog is an attention seeker, then he might be just digging for you to see whether you respond to his activity. In such case just ignore what he is doing and praise him for good tasks.
  1. Sometimes your pooch might be just bored and might make digging his favourite time pass. To avoid this, indulge your dog in physical and mental stimulation activities. Socialising with other pets and people, play time will distract his mind from digging up the ground.
  1. Use distractions in the backyard or lawn so that your pet won’t go near that area. Fence up your garden. Put citrus fruit peels near the area where your dog has habit of digging up holes. You can also put some rocks inside the ground so the dog won’t dig in that area.
  1. If you are unable to deal with the issue of digging and your background has become a total mess you can consult a professional for help.
  1. Some breeds are hereditary diggers, for them you can set up a space in backyard where they can dig. You can even hide some toys and treats for them to feel elated when they dig.
  1. Pest control your backyard from any mites or prey that your dog might be after. Prey hunting like small bugs can be dangerous for your pooch
  1. Confine the area where your dog can’t go by setting up small traps that are not harmful for your pet but will scare it away like water sprinklers or some noise.
  1. If your dog is trying to dig to keep himself cool, then provide shelter and shade, cozy dog beds which will tempt him more than going outside.