Similarities and Differences Between Nuheart and Heartgard Plus


When it comes to pet health, pet parents are always concerned to protect their furry pals from harmful heartworm infections and other dangerous diseases. Along with the pet health, owners look forward to have affordable care for their animals. Heartgard Plus is the most popular heartworm control product in the market and along with this, its generic form Nuheart is also available. Nuheart, being a generic product of Heartgard Plus, is highly cost effective and pet parents may wonder that does the effectiveness of the product is the same due the price difference.

To woosh away your little fears, here we have brought you the detailed information about the similarities and differences between Heartgard Plus and its generic form.

Similarities between Heartgard Plus and Nuheart


Heartgard Plus and Nuheart both the preventives contain the same ingredients – Ivermectin and Pyrantel. Moreover, the amount and strength of these two ingredients is exact with not even a minute difference.


Developed with the exact ingredients, Heartgard Plus Dog and its generic form Nuheart provides the same protection. They control heartworms, and treat roundworms and hookworms. Though classified as prescription products, these preventives can be bought from reliable online store.

Pack Sizes

Both the products are available in the similar pack sizes to choose according to your dog size. The weight range of the different packs of Nuheart For Dogs is same as Heartgard Plus. They are available in the doses for dogs:

  • Small Dogs Up To 11Kg
  • Medium Dogs 12 To 22 Kg
  • Large Dog 23 To 45 Kg


The generic version and the brand product provide the same guarantee ensuring the total protection from heartworm diseases.


Both the products are oral treatments. Nuheart and Heartgard Plus come in flavoured chews and hence they are easy to administer.


Both these preventives need to be given monthly.

Differences between Heartgard Plus and Nuheart


Heartgard comes in a soft, moist chew whereas Nuheart comes in tablet form, which when difficult for dogs to take, can be dissolved in small amount of water and added to the dog food.


Nuheart are meat-flavoured tablets whereas Heartgard Plus comes in beef-flavoured chewable tabs.

How to use

The major difference of both the products is the way of administration. Heartgard Plus which is a chew form should not be swallowed as whole; you can either feed it as a treat or crush it and mix it with food. Whereas, Nuheart need to be administered directly into the mouth or for difficult dogs, dissolve it in a small amount of water and add to dog food.


The generic Nuheart costs much lower than Heartgard Plus. Additionally, the prices can vary depending on the pack size according to your dog weight and the number of doses you purchase. By selecting generic version over brand product, you can save around 25-30% approximately.

Price is not always a factor to choose a treatment for your pet, sometimes; it is your pet’s preference and your vet’s advice. It is of no gain if you spend on generic treatment, which your pet is not ready to take. It is always on the good side for both your pet and you to choose the preventive which best suits and works for your dog and your budget. However, whatever product you choose, both provides the same protection and have the similar effectiveness in controlling heartworm disease.

Please Check Comparison Chart:

Comparison Chart
Heartgard Plus Nuheart
Version Brand Generic
Protection Heartworm disease & intestinal infection Heartworm disease
Administration Oral Oral
Ingredients  Ivermectin and Pyrantel Ivermectin
Treats Heartworms, roundworms & hookworms Heartworms
Dosage Frequency Monthly Monthly
Form Chewable tablet Tablet
Flavour Beef flavoured Meat flavoured
How to use  Feed as a treat or crush and mix it with food Administer directly into the mouth; for difficult dogs, dissolve it in a small amount of water and add to dog food.
Prices Costly Affordable
Pack Sizes Small Dogs Up To 11Kg Small Dogs Up To 11Kg
Medium Dogs 12 To 22 Kg Medium Dogs 12 To 22 Kg
Large Dog 23 To 45 Kg Large Dog 23 To 45 Kg