Solutions for pet weight gain during winters

Tips for pet weight gain during winters
Winter is a time for lazying out. Be it humans or animals, all tend to gain weight and pile up extra pounds during this chilly season. If your pet gains some excess baggage of flab during the winter times then there are many reasons for it. Your pet loves eating and will not stop for a breath when left to grab food on their own. This results in intake of extra calories and a flabby body. It also leads to various health problems that arise from overweight.

Winter leads to overweight problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Joint problems
  • Liver ailments
  • Arthritis

To combat these health enemies of your pet you need to take some quick yet planned action. Your pet’s health is a direct reflection of your care and duties towards him. Some daily changes will help you in getting your pet back in shape. Just check with your vet and create an action plan that results in slow and steady weight loss in pets.

Solutions for winter weight gain in pets:

Take advice from animal health experts on: First of all, you need to aim for absolute nutrition. Ask your ovet about the right kind of food that gives healthy and fit body to your pet. Buy low calorie food from best pet food brands like Eukanuba, Royal canine etc. Go for good quality as it will affect the pet’s total health.

Watch the calorie intake: Its very important that you not only give the right quality of food but also give it in the correct quantity. In winters dogs need more food to keep their body warm but as they get less chances of exercise or walks, you need to be mindful of the calories. Ask your vet about the number of calories as it may vary as per the pet’s breed, size, activity and age.

Lessen the treats: Even if you give a measured quantity of meal to the pet, other forms of munchies are also responsible for the pet’s weight gain. High calorie treats, rawhide bones, dental chews etc are also an addition for the pet’s food. They are certainly responsible for excess weight. So just avoid!

Exercise: If snow prevents you from taking the pet out for a walk then change their exercise pattern. Play fetch games in the yard or use some exercise tools like tuggie rope and markers to create game and exercise sessions in your yard.

No stress: Stress is the main cause of weight gain. It does not depend on season. However, for outdoor pets the winter time can be highly stressful. When left alone, they have to face the atrocities of the weather and feel stress. So, just keep them indoors to prevent unwelcome stress and those extra pounds.

To sum up, you need to be extra careful to keep your pet fit during winters. Just take advice from the vet, keep a check on the pet’s food, play with them and keep them warm. All this would help a great deal in not putting that flab on your pet’s body. Try these techniques and see the results!