Take Care Of Your Beautiful Goldfish

Goldfish is a beautiful living creature. If a goldfish gets a suitable environment, proper caring and accommodation it can live for more than 20 years. If the goldfish is kept in unhealthy condition and unclean water they live for around 2 to 3 years maximum. Here are some of the things you need to follow to keep your fish healthy and happy.

Tips For Keeping Your Fish Happy And Healthy

Take Care Of Goldfish

How To Take Care Of A Gold Fish?
The first thing you need is the equipment for a goldfish. Equipment includes a tank, a perfect sized canopy, clean water, filtration system, gravels and glass pebbles, some live plants and fish food. Some other miscellaneous but important things consist fishnet, siphon, an algae scraper to clean the tank’s wall, and two buckets in which only water is contained nothing other than water.

Food for a goldfish
Various commercial foods are available on the market. Flakes and small pellets are best options for small and large fish. Ponds containing large schools of fish require large pellets.
You need to feed your fish two to three times a day. A goldfish need to consume the food within 2 minutes. Do not overfeed your fish. They die due to overeating. You need to remove the excess food.

Tank Cleaning
Tank cleaning is an integral part to keep up your goldfish’s health. You have to buy a heavy duty water filter to keep the water clean. Water filters work according to the quantity of the water. Keep in mind the water capacity of your aquarium when you buy a water filter.
Change a quarter of the water weekly. Use a siphon to take out the water from the bottom area of your tank. Weekly water change triggers the oxygen and removes the accumulated debris in the gravel. Always keep the fish tank away from the direct sunlight. It increases the water temperature and creates a problem for a goldfish.

Suitable Environment
A canopied fish tank is suitable for any home. The areas where room fresheners, chemical and other experiments are done are not appropriate for a fish tank. The airborne chemical can pollute the water and harm the fish.

Some miscellaneous thing to know
•    Never use a small bowl for a goldfish. A goldfish doesn’t get enough oxygen in the bowl.
•    Goldfish are considered to be a cold water fish but can tolerate the normal temperature if enough water is available
•    Don’t buy small gravels. It increases the chances of your fish picking up the gravels in their mouth.
•    Fish can live without food for a week. So you don’t need to worry if you forget to feed your fish.
•    Don’t take your fish out of the aquarium if you notice that the eye of the fish is not blinking and the body of the fish is not moving. They sleep in that way as they don’t have eyelids.