5 Summer Tips To Let Your Chickens Stay Cool

The feathers of chickens are of great help to them in the testing times of winter. However, the same anatomical features can cause heat stroke in them, if exposed to temperature well above the normal level. The summer can be a stressful event for these girls, if not cared properly. The biggest jolt the heat can give to your chickens is to halt their egg laying ability.


Therefore, a proper mechanism should be put in place to not let the summer became the waterloo point in their life.

Let us explore ways to help our chickens feel cool during the summer. These are some of the basics, which must be part of your summer ritual, in ensuring your chickens a cool summer experience.

A Shady Dwelling Place

Yeah! The basics, the first job of you being the caretaker of these girls is to provide them a shady environment to dwell and rest. The scorching heat of the sun can make anyone pant and perspire in stress. Provide your chickens a shady place with ample amount of cold water present in their territory.

Cool Your Chicken’s Territory

The simplest way to add coolness in the chicken’s environment is to spread droplets of cold water around their habitat. You can take the help of a sprinkler or can keep things simple by going manual. Such an exercise will lower the air temperature. Watering the resting place or the roof of chicken’s coop will lessen the severity of sun’s heat.

A daily ritual of this kind in this summer will prove to be a great relief to your chickens. This will help them to adapt more easily with the scorching heat of the sun. However, do care of the fact, while sprinkling, that the girls dislikes being getting wet.

Ensure Continuous Supply Of Cold Water

Your Chicken’s enclosure should never fell short of cold-water dishes.  So, supply your chickens, water containers with cold water. Replace them, after regular intervals to ensure continuous supply of cool water.  Few ice cubes dipped in these water supplies will do the trick for you.

Use of electrolytes can also help your cause, if the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius.

Add Frozen Watermelons To Your Chicken’s Diet

Watermelons can prove to be the helping cause for your chickens this summer.  A frozen fruit of this kind will help in balancing your chicken’s body temperature. Diet containing frozen items will keep your chickens hydrated and ensure regular flow of watery content in their body.

Allow Your Chickens Free Movement

The heat of the summer can put a psychological troll on your chickens. The stress, these creatures undergoes can hampers their egg laying productivity. Therefore, give your chickens, ample time to roam freely. This will de-stress their mind and make them adaptable to their surroundings.

The above are the basics, which you will find in every chicken care guide. The objective here in presenting the above wisdom is to provide yourself relevant and to the point information.

In the midst of information explosion, let not you missed the basics and fell short in taking care of your chickens, this summer.

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