3 Pet Ideas That Will Make Your Australia Day Special

The, month of January is marked by two special events. One is the arrival of New Year and the other one of course is the annual celebration of the Australia Day. Both these age-old phenomena carry the potential of making our life more positive and ‘new’.


Over the years, Australia Day has become the hallmark of ‘Australian pride and Unity’. The, day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, highlighting nation’s rich diversity and the pride associated with ‘everything Australian’. Moreover, when we talk about being an Aussie, the one thing that characterizes ourselves is the relation we hold with our pets.

Pets form an important part of our Australian culture. Therefore, what can be a better occasion than this to mark our bonhomie with our little comrades?

Take a hint from below ideas and make this Australia day a memorable event of your life and in the mind of your pet-

Explore The Waters! – Beach Party With Your Pet

Are you not experiencing an urge to dive into the country’s best beaches? Well! We do relate to your inner feelings, given our country’s humid climate. However, the best thing you can do is to visit a dog-friendly beach with your pet to experience the best dog moments around waters.

What About A Barbeque Evening?

Throwing a BBQ party for our friends and guests on an event like Australia Day is an old Aussie tradition. Such a party in your backyard fosters a strong connect with your loved ones. However, one life, which completes your happy family, is your own pet.

Involve your pet in this party. Serve him healthy treats, not the one you have made for your friends. Make him dance to the tunes of old country music, playing in the background. Cherish his expressions and click a photograph of these intimate moments.

A Walk To Remember!

Yeah! This one sounds little poetic. However, the joyous moments you had shared with your little pet makes a fit case for an epic poetry. This poetry will cherish the feelings you have for your little friend. The poetic expressions will be the love, compassion and loyalty, which define this relationship.

On this Australia Day, go for a silent walk with your pet, in the early mornings or late evenings. In the midst of silent streets, experience the close connection you felt for your little friend.

The monotony of life is, best challenged by the existence of our furry pals. Not to mention, the power they carry to turn a mundane day into a happening and fulfilling day. The presence of your furry pal in your home brings a smile on the face of your every family member. A, smile of this kind, cannot be defined in words. With occasions like Australia Day, we got another reason to cherish our closeness with our furry pets.

A Very Happy And Healthy Australia Day