This Holiday Season Stimulate your Cat with these Amazing Brain Games


It is that time of the year when there will be festivity going around. There will be lots of parties and get together. But who can forget about your feline? She is one of the most intelligent creatures that you will ever see. She uses her intelligence to stalk and hunt prey. She can even scare off bigger animal. But there are times when your furry companion might feel rusty and bored during this festivity. During such times you need to take out some time from the party atmosphere and devote to your feline. This includes giving them the stuff that they enjoy the most.

Let us now look at some of the amazing brain games that you can play with your kitty this holiday season and keep her stimulated:

Food Dispensing Toys 

Cats love to have interactive play before a meal and what better than to give them food dispensing toys. With the aid of these toys, the cats are able to hunt and stalk, play with their prey, kill and eat it, groom themselves and take a nap. The food dispensing toys give natural rewards to the kitties and make them work for their natural hunting instincts. Making them work for their meal is the best workaround for the enrichment. Place a treat or a piece of kibble under one of the three cups in front of your cat. Change the position of the cups and see if your kitty can guess which cup the kibble is under. This is a great brain teasing exercise for your cat.

Obstacle Courses 

Lure your kitty through a toy that she likes to chase as you lure her. Make her jump onto the stool, run across the back of the couch and up to the cat tree. Start with these things and build an obstacle course. You can also opt for an advanced level by adding tunnels to run through or hoops to jump through.

Cat Trees 

Cat trees are one of those investments that can not only make the feline feel safe, but also lets her to discover the world. The cat tree can have limbs, branches, and leaves that move around like real tree. This will make the kitty feel that she is on an actual tree.

Supervised Outdoor Time 

Make her feel at ease in outdoor enclosures. This will not only stimulate her by giving her quality outdoor time but also keep her safe from the dangers. There are a certain section of people in cat rescue and advocacy group that recommend cats should remain indoors to be safe and live longer but supervised outdoor time can be really productive for the feline. Having an outdoor enclosure like a fenced yard where you can supervise the feline and stroller walks is the best stimulating exercise for your cat. You can take her to the park in front of a tree where there are lots of activities of squirrel. These are some of the safest ways to explore outdoors for your feline and keep her mentally stimulated.

So, how do you plan to stimulate your cat this holiday season?