Some Thought-Provoking Pet Safety Tips to Observe this Holiday Season


Holiday Season is that time of the year when people put on a bit of weight. There are family gatherings heaped with rich eats many of which are passed down to the furry companions. Due to the festivity, there is a chance of pets not getting much exercise which can result in an unnecessary weight gain causing long-term health problems.

It has often been observed that when people get a bit too relaxed and overeat during the holidays, they often do the same with their dogs. If you relax too much during the festive occasion it can result in your pets, letting their guards down which can result in unhealthy eating.

Let us now look at some of the tips to keep your furry pals healthy and happy during the holiday season:

Scratch The Scraps 

There are times when the people food left over is eaten by the furry pal. But they are quite harmful to the pet. Never allow pets to consume things like nuts, chocolate or onions. These things can be extremely life-threatening to the nervous system of the pet and even result in anaemia.

Bones Are A Big “No” 

The big turkey leg may look palatable to your furry companion, but in actuality it can be very dangerous for them. Pets can choke on bones or lacerate their intestines. Never ever give bones to the pets as it is unhealthy for them.

Check The Treats Thoroughly Before Purchasing Them 

During the holiday season you will be tempted to purchase a gift for your furry companion. One of the best gifts can be treats. But before getting them it is important to check their quality and opt only for the ones that have ingredients made in our country. This will minimise the exposure to possibly dangerous ingredients.

Follow A Strict Exercise Regimen 

During the holiday season, it is important to let the pets get adequate exercise. Ensure that a strict exercise regimen is followed so that they get daily exercise to stay healthy.

Get Only High Quality Pet Products

During this holiday season commit to buy only high quality pet products that have ingredients made in Australia. This will not only aid you in keeping your furry pals healthy, but also reduce the exposure to harmful ingredients.

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