Tips for Post-Surgery Care of Your Fido

Pets play a vital part in our lives. There are times in life when you might be going through rough phase but all your stress level drops down with the emotional support and companionship of your Fido. Animals need the care and affection from the pet owners and being a pet parent it is your core responsibility to ensure their welfare and health. Even a normal infection in your furry pal’s body makes you anxious so it becomes a major concern when he undergoes a surgery.

Operation or surgery can be horrifying for pets and pet owners as it comes with short term severe pain and also provides long term pleasure post surgery. But, in between pain and pleasure comes an important phase called the recovery phase. Hence, it is essential for you to prepare yourself first in order to face this situation. Pet parents needs to stay strong and pull your socks to give immense care, warmth and support to your munchkin for repurcation. To make it easier for you, here are the tips that will help you take care of your dog post surgery.

Provide Warm Environment

It’s time to bring your furry buddy at home after surgery. This is a phase where your pet is mentally and physically vulnerable. Therefore, you need to give your best to provide them warm and comforting environment at home. Ensure to wash your dog’s bed and prepare a hygienic space indoors before welcoming him back in order to prevent germs and dirt that infects the wound site. Include clean blankets in their bed and make it a habit to frequently change your Fido’s bedding as he would want to feel comfortable by staying under covers.

Check Their Water Intake

Post surgery you come up with raft of information from the vet which is mandatory to be vigilant about and follow them as per the instructions. Your pet doesn’t feel normal as his mind is captured by the pain of wounds and he may be overly groggy at times, so you need to have a regular check on their requirements. A dog’s body requires more of the fluids to restore the energy for quick recovery. Your furry pal may not even feel the urge of drinking water or food intake due to the pain but ensure to give more of the liquids than usual.

Take Your Furry Pal Outside

Every pet has a routine and when you constrain them from following the same, they start feeling frustrated and low. It is crucial for pet parents to take their dog outside because it helps to have a break from environment and also distracts their mind from the wound. Your pet may pee oftentimes than regular due to the fluids given to him during surgery. Therefore, it is recommended to take him outside often between every few hours a day. Taking you Fido for a slow walk is also preferable.

Care for Wounds

It is a challenging task to control the basic nature of your pet that involves biting, chewing, licking or scratching his bandages or stitches. It may be arduous to isolate your munchkin from other pooches but it should be done to protect his wounds from being licked by him or his doggy friends. Pet parents need to make sure to prevent your pet from licking the wound which can cause an infection and also pull out sutures. Moreover, also limit their movement as sudden stretching can hinder the healing process. Have an e-collar till the completion of your pet’s recovery phase.

Be Diligent About the Medications

The antibiotic medications are prescribed to dog after surgery. Generally the prescribed medicines are given to relief post surgery discomfort and prevent infection. Note down the medication intake timings of your furry pal, avoid being in hurry and be meticulous while giving the medicine. Prefer not to crush the pills as it can be very difficult for you to give it to your dog due to its bitter taste. You can also mix the pill with food that you provide your dog for the easier intake.

Spend Time with Your Pet

Along with all those medications and restrictions, at the end of the day all that your pet needs is you. Recuperation period is the critical time for your Fido, therefore, you need to keep him stimulated and boosted. Take time for your pet, play gentle & soft games with him to distract his mind and make him feel better. Provide an environment that is secure, safe, stress free and the one that promotes healing. Pat their back as it expresses that you are always beside him to overcome this phase and recover soon.

With vigilantly following all the precautions, make it a point that you never miss any check-ups post surgery. Sticking to follow-up appointments is essential to keep a track on your furry companion’s recovery process. If you never want your dog to face the surgeries, be appropriate with his routine check-ups and prevent any diseases before it takes a serious turn by providing suitable and prescribed products to your pooch. There are a plethora of food supplies and products labeled with trusted brand which can help your pet to stay resilient and healthy as well as prevent many other detrimental bacteria from affecting your pet.