Tips To Pacify Cat Fights

Tips For Cat Fights
A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.

~Jason Cooley

Jason Cooley, an aphorist from America rightly conveys that many cats prefer to deal with people rather than dealing with their own kind, just like the humans do. It is a known fact that a cat follows his territorial instinct and may seem aggressive if any other feline crosses the limits carved in their minds. Although the most common aggression observed in cats is territorial, there are many other types of aggression like maternal aggression, redirected aggression, dominance based aggression, etc. that leads to a cat fight in the household.

Being a pet parent of more than one cat can be a bit tricky sometimes. Felines are the masters of their own and can get along one moment while on the very next, you may see them brawling. You may need to handle these cat fights very patiently and artistically to develop a truce between your beloved felines.

Let’s look at some tips to pacify cat fights!

    • Distraction- The best start-up

Distraction may be the best start-up to calm down a cat fight. Throw a toy or treat towards your cats and distract them for a while. This will give them some time off their brawl and cool things off. You could even startle them by clapping your hands or making a loud noise from where they cannot see you. This will startle both the felines and the timid one may definitely run away from the scene.

    • Division- May be better for developing peace

Once you distract your kitties, it’s time to divide them and keep them at a safe distance. Keeping them away from each other will give them time to be on their own. Place them in different rooms where they cannot see each other, but close enough that they can smell each other.

    • Sharing- Not a good idea for felines

As humans, we always tend to impose sharing on everybody. But, this could be a cause for the cat fights that you may be dealing until now. So, when it comes to cats, keep all their things separate. Litter trays, food bowls, water plates, and crates, everything must be separate for each feline. Kitties are just not born to share. The minimum they have to face each other for basic things, the less are the chances of them getting into a row.

    • Reintroduce- A new start to a new truce

After a few days of their separation, re-introduce them with each other and include them in a game or any other activity that both of them may like. Play it cool on the first day without overdoing it. Give your felines the needed time to behave normal with each other. Gradually make them eat together in separate bowls, and then after a few days try keeping them in the same room.

So, are you all set to tackle your cats fighting with each other the next time? Try these tips to pacify a cat fight and maintain a happy atmosphere around your pets.