Top 6 Simple Tips To Introduce a New Cat To Your Resident Dog

Having a pet at home is all about happiness but adding another one surely doubles it. Therefore, if you have a Fido at your home that’s adding value to your life and you wish to adopt a cat to double the fun then you can surely relate to this. Well, planning to adopt a new cat can be exciting as you’re already an experienced pet parent. But, what about your dog? We all know that cats and dogs don’t gel up well and raising them peacefully under one roof can be a tough task. It’s difficult but not impossible. All you need to do is, plan your pets’ introduction in prior.

Wondering how you gonna do this then NOT TO WORRY, as you can make the introduction of a resident dog to the new cat by using these simple techniques.

Tips to introduce new cat to your resident dog

Prepare for Introduction

The very first thing you need to do before introducing your resident dog to a new cat is to prepare for their introduction before you welcome the cat. Pet parents must know that what they do in the early stage can make a big difference in how well the cat and dog will gel up. Make sure you cat-proof the spaces in order to provide access to a dog-free sanctuary till the time you introduce them.  

Let the Introduction be Slow

Go very slow when introducing a new cat to your dog. Keep the pets separate at least for the first 3-4 days. Confine your new cat in a room with food, water, litter box and a bed. Then leave your cat to explore and get familiar with the new scent in your home. This may also help to feed your dog and your cat on either side. The motive is to make your pets comfortable with each other’s presence without coming face-to-face.

The Exchange of Scent

How good it is that pets can even know each other by exchanging scents and humans fail to know each other even after exchanging ample of feelings. Okay! Back to the pets, you can switch sleeping blankets or beds between your new cat and your resident dog. This will help them to become accustomed to each other’s scent. You can also rub the towel on your cat and can put the cloth under the food bowl of your dog.

Begin Face-To-Face Meetings

Once you notice that your pets are comfortable to have their food calmly right next to the door, you can finally make them meet in the common area of your house. Keep it a short meeting session and don’t forget to keep both of them on a leash. Also, consider rewarding both your pets for their good behaviour. Ensure that the cat and dog are calm when you make the meet.

Maintain Good Relations

To develop good relations between your pets, repeat the face-to-face meeting sessions. If any of your pets want to leave the room, allow them to do so instead of forcing them to stay. Moreover, do not expect longer meeting sessions at an initial stage. Try to end the meeting session before anyone of your pet expresses stress or aggression.