Water – A Neglected Nutritional Component for Overall Growth of Dogs

Water Nutritional Component for Overall Growth of Dogs
Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God.

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Water is the most important thing that is needed for the ultimate survival on earth and dogs are no exception to it. But it has been found that dog owners neglect the importance of watercrucial nutritional component for the healthy sustenance of dogs. In fact, it has been observed that without adequate water dogs will not be able to survive for a long time. Hence, it is very important to have a fresh supply of water to the dogs. Whenever a demand from the dog comes up it is important to serve them with immediate availability of water.

Reasons for providing steady flow of water supply to your dog

The reason for keeping the water supply readily available for your dog is because of the fact that water is continually being lost through urine and feces. The other thing is that with panting and breathing dogs lose lot of moisture from their body.

Scenarios which depict the negligence of dog owners in providing adequate water supply to dog
Unfortunately, it has been observed that dog owners have been found to be wanting while providing regular water supply to their pet dogs. The sorry fact is that the dog owners themselves are not aware that they are doing something wrong. A prime example of that is when you go on a beach on a hot summer afternoon and your dog pants due to thirst while you are sipping a cold drink under an umbrella. The other scenario is when you fill in the water bowl, but do not wash it properly. This can lead to contamination of water, which can be very dangerous for the dog. The other situation can be when the water bowl is too small for the dog’s size or the water level in the bowl has become too low. This can lead to germ population, which can put the life of the dog in danger.

Right quantity of water to be given while serving food to the dog
Whenever you are serving dry food to your dog like MFM Salmon And Sardine Dog Food, Applaws It’s All Good Adult Small / Medium Breed Dog Food or Adult Grain Free Chicken Dog Food it is important to supply about two and half times the water that he takes in daily food. Thus, for example; if your pet consumes one pound of dry food regularly he should ingest 2 and half pounds of water or just a quarter of a gallon of water every day.

If the dog eats wet food like Applaws Dog Food Chicken Fillet Tins, Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine Gastrointestinal Health Cans or Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Urinary S/O Can then you can reduce the quantity of water that he is given to approximately 2 times that of his daily food intake.

Water required for Special needs
If your pet is lactating or exercising a lot in hot weather they need to be provided with more water. Hence, in addition to the regular supply of water, you need to provide two or three times of the suggested water quantity in these special circumstances.

Importance of fresh water
Always ensure that fresh water is provided to your dog. Do not allow your pet to drink from the stream or lake as it can be untreated water which also contains disease-causing parasites like bacteria.

Validating whether your pet is getting adequate amount of water
If you wish to verify whether your dog is getting ample of water you can do it by examining the skin of the pet on its back. If the skin easily falls into place after pulling it up, it means that the dog is receiving adequate amount of water. But if the skin does not ease off readily in place, it is time to provide additional water to your pet.

Water to be provided during sickness
When your pooch is sick, he will not like to drink water. In such a scenario, as a dog owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog gets the requisite amount of fluid orally or through external means. If your dog is vomiting, then it is best to withdraw the supply of food and water for at least 24 hours. This will give your dog a chance to relax and recuperate.

Excessive water intake by dogs
If your dog drinks lot of water and urinates more frequently it shows signs that your pet is suffering from diseases like diabetes mellitus or kidney disease.

Keep a watch on your pet and ensure that the water that you provide them is clean and plentiful. This will keep the problems at bay and you can very well rest assured that your dog has a healthy and fulfilling life ahead.