When Flea Preventative Treatments do not Work on your Pooch….


If you are facing this problem, it can be due to the fact that the surrounding place contains lots of animals and free-roaming cats. The blame can be put on cats, but that is far from absolute truth!!! Before we try to resolve this concern, it is very important to learn more about these pesky parasites. Fleas are extremely successful in outsmarting us at every turn. Sometimes, dog owners perceive that putting a branded flea and tick preventative treatment is enough to get rid of these pesky parasites, but that is hardly the truth, particularly when we talk about warm climates.

Now let us try to answer the question:

Why Does My Furry Pal Still Has Fleas In Spite Of Using A Qualitative Flea Preventative Treatment?

Most of the flea and tick preventative treatments kill fleas and stops them from laying eggs, but none of them gives instant results. It takes approximately 8 to 24 hours for killing fleas that are on your pet. Fleas live in the environment and not on the pet and so there are always new fleas waiting in the wings, ready to replace those that get killed. If you are dependent on a flea shampoo, collar or one of those top-spots available in the market, you will not get the desired results!!!

Problems That Cause Lack Of Flea Control In The Environment

If you take a break between the two dosages of flea preventative treatments, it can result in growth of the flea population. Remember, fleas can lay 50 eggs every day, and so even if you are late by a couple of days, it can result in accumulation of flea eggs.

The peculiar thing about flea eggs is that they do not hatch in one go, but take time and last for months in the environment. Gradually these eggs will hatch in the coming months and can haunt the pet.

If a stray cat comes in your yard, a flea infested dog infects your dog in dog park, neighbourhood cats and dogs can also be a source of adult eggs and those dire flea eggs.

If you bath your pet frequently rather than weekly, any top spot flea preventative product that is applied on the dog’s skin and hair gets stripped. Hence, if your doggy loves to swim, get a chewable like Nexgard, Bravecto, Comfortis or Panoramis.

Steps To Be Taken To Eradicate This Problem

If you are seeing only a small number of fleas and your pooch does not seem to be affected then continue with your monthly flea treatment on a yearly basis and with time the fleas will get reduced.

If your canine is sensitive to fleas and develops hotspots or allergies, then one viable option is to give him Comfortis which is a fast-acting monthly tablet.

You can even give Capstar to the pooch on every other day in conjunction with your regular flea treatment. You can use Capstar in combination with other flea and tick preventative treatments like Bravecto and Nexgard.

Vacuum the house completely encompassing under the beds and furniture. Take extra precautions in areas within a few metres of your pet’s bed.

Flea bombs are not the solution for eradicating fleas as they will only be able to reach in areas where the mist settles. Use a hand-held flea spray under the bed and under the furniture.

If Your Doggy Mostly Stays Outdoor:

Get rid of any old mattresses or couches that your furry pal naps outside
Get the help from a professional pest company
Give your doggy a cool, flea-proof bed to rest on the outside
If your doggy lives in a kennel, never put carpet in the base and utilise an old towel that you can machine wash on a weekly basis
Keep lawns short
Limit the use of mulch of the fence those areas off
Scare of the stray cats or buy flea preventative treatments for them
Sweep up leaves

Pet Bedding

Wash the pet beds on a hot cycle in the washing machine over 60 degrees Celsius for more than 10 minutes. Wash the spot where the dog sleeps on every week. Get flea resistant beds for bigger dogs and a nice machine-washable bed.


The best solution for getting rid of fleas from your dogs is to use a flea comb and wash his bedding on a hot cycle in the washing machine on a weekly basis and vacuum every few days. Then follow the things given in this write-up to get the flea numbers down in your backyard.