It is now Easy to Switch from Kibble to Raw Dog Food…..Learn How….


As a dog owner, you want the best for your furry pal, and this includes his diet. But whenever there is a question of switching from kibble to raw dog food there are apprehensions in your mind. You cannot seem to decide whether the slow transition by assimilating old food with the new one for several days is the best way to go or just switch with the new one in an instance. The answer to this question is you can do either, as there are advantages and limitations of both.

You need to decide on your own whether you would like to initiate the change immediately or through slow process. But most veterinarians would suggest you to avoid raw feeding mistakes to dogs by going for slow transition when switching from a commercial dog food, and fast transition when switching to a home-made raw diet.

Let us now look at two options that dog owners have when they want to switch from kibble to raw food:

Option 1: Slow Shift To Raw

Most veterinarians suggest dog owners to go for slow transition when switching from kibble to raw food. The reason for the switch is that commercial dog food consists of less bacteria than grocery store meat. If you are buying a frozen, pre-made raw dog food, then at the back of the product you will see the recommendation for a slow transition like:

  • Feed 75% old food and 25% new for the first five days

  • After that period give 50% each of the kibble and raw food for the next five days

  • Once that period is over, give 75% of raw food and 25% of kibble for a few days and then completely switch to 100% raw dog food

If you are feeding a branded commercial raw diet to your furry pal, then slow transition is the best alternative, as it seems to work well.

Option 2: Quick Shift To Raw

This alternative is best when you want to switch from kibble to a home-made raw diet, particularly when your pooch usually gets into digestive troubles when he is trying to digest two food types: kibble and raw dog food. It has been observed that dogs digest raw food swifter than kibble, and when the two are mixed together certain dogs get sick.

To make the quick transition, fast your pooch for approximately 18 hours to ensure that the kibble is out of his system. After that, give him a small raw meal. If he is able to digest it, feed him another raw meal in approximately twelve hours. After the successful attempt, continue feeding him 100% raw diet, but stick to the same protein for at least a week. Never rush in introducing too many new foods in one go, as it can have a major impact on the health of the canine. Choose the right raw dog food.

If you are still unsure of whether to feed commercial raw or home-made raw dog food the best thing to do is to commence with a commercial raw brand like Chewy’s for a month or two, and then tackle the home-made option. If you find that your canine is getting sick after switching to raw food, it can be due to:

  • Swift shift to raw food

  • Upset stomach due to the combination of two types of doggy food

So, the best thing to do when switching your doggy to a raw diet is to go with the slow transition by mixing kibble with the frozen raw brand. But in case, you want to make the raw food yourself, switch from commercial dog food to home-made raw after the completion of a month or two.