Wound Care Solutions For Dogs And Cats

Animals are prone to getting cuts and abrasions. Even if you put all sorts of safeguards and protection around them, their fidgety nature doesn’t let them stay still even for a while especially, when it comes to cats and dogs. They always overwhelm us with the fear of getting hysteric or dragging themselves up into trouble. Therefore, it makes it imperative for pet parent’s to always stash some wound care products that heal swiftly and relieve pain. Using quality wound care products also prevent wounds from festering thus saving your pets from unwanted trouble.

Well, if you are already seeking one, you probably may not have to go that far because we already have the list ready.

5 Pet Wound Care Products That Heal Wounds Quickly

Virbac Woundgard Spray

Virbac is an effective, bitterant spray that contains phenoxyethanol which works on gram negative bacteria and the chlorhexidine that attacks gram positive bacteria. Thus, the synergy of the two ingredients helps in eradicating the complete bacterial infection which may have developed on the wound. The product also assists in normal healing of the wound and assuages irritation of any kind.

Epi-Otic Skin and Ear Cleanser

Epi-otic is a cleansing solution that effectively kills bacteria and removes dirt. The anti-adhesive property of this solution doesn’t allow the development of bacteria or yeast on the wound.


This topical cream prevents infection on wounds and repels insects that try to sit on the abraded area. The product also assists in quick healing of the laceration by creating moist environment.

Virbac Cetrigen

Virbac cetrigen is formulated to treat minor cuts and scars in animals. The insect repellent property of the product provides added protection to wounds against flies and mosquitoes. Also, the fast acting ingredients in the product dry the wounds quickly.

Dermaclens Cream  

This antiseptic skin cream heals lesions, abrasions, cuts and wounds and simultaneously stimulates regeneration of cells. It also prevents the development of bacteria in the open wound and clears the debris, if any thereby controlling the infection and healing the wound.