10 Cutest Christmas Gifs Of Dogs and Cats- Time To Drool For Pet Owners!

“Watching your dog open presents on Christmas morning is a gift that cannot be measured.”

We are almost there, at the door of celebrations and festivities, bobtails and Santa, gifts and love, carols and feast! There is no soul that does not enjoy this bright time of the year where candles, lights, sweets and love make the whole country flashy. So much so that our pets too enjoy Christmas with the entire hustle bustle, presents and lavish treats. If you are a pet guardian then you must be aware of the happy notions of pets around this time of the year. We have compiled 10 cutest gifs of dogs and cats of Christmas which may make you drool with their attractiveness. Let’s have a look, shall we?

“I love snow! Just let me play, jump, smile and run in it for the whole day. Yes, that’s what I want for Christmas!” says this cute little pup!

My mommy said that Santa will get my gift! He seems to have forgotten about me. Santa, please stop by and hand me my treats!” says this adorable pug.

“Why on earth is this snowman holding my treat? Let it go you fatty, that’s mine!” says this sweet snatcher!

“Dashing through the snow…err why did you stop pushing?? I was having so much fun!” says the eyes of this bear like pup!

“I want nothing but your love for this Christmas!” says the puppy eyes.

“I don’t care if you are Santa or Banta! For me, my treat is my Christmas!” says this so-in-love-with-treats tyke!

“I am the queen and I say feast! Now!” Don’t you think this kitty has the attitude that of a real queen?

“Our mommy has told us not to touch the food. So we are waiting for her! So hungry!” speaks the silence of these fur babies.

“Awww! I love you and the music too!” spoke the cats in harmony!

“Hahaha! We still want to eat but our brothers are tricking you that we are full. Who gets full on Christmas?” mocks the two smart gentle canines.

They were cute, weren’t they? We hope you have the best time with your canines and felines in holidays. Keep your pets safe if you are planning to travel. Merry Christmas!