How to make your Office Pet Friendly?

Guidelines for making your Office Pet Friendly
Did you know that pets in the workplace can have a positive impact on the overall moral and work productivity of employees? Yes, it has been proven by a survey that companies that welcome pets in their office have less stressed employees and less absenteeism from work. It brings out the best out of them as they can put in extra time without worrying about getting home quicker to feed and walk their four-legged friends. Not only that pets can also work as a catalyst in breaking the ice between employees of two different departments who have had no conversation amongst each other earlier.

Pets also bring humour and fun in the work environment which keeps the atmosphere in the office light. It is very easy to create pet friendly office by following the tips given below:

Have prior documentation from the employee about their pets before they bring them
Since you are working in a company it is very important to tell your superiors that you are going to bring a pet to the office. You do not want other employees to be shocked when you bring in your pet in the office. Hence, it is very important to ask the employees with pets to fill in forms about their pets, the kind of pet they are bringing, the breed, gender and age of the pet, whether the pet has any disobedience issue etc. An employee should also sign a liability waiver to ensure that they would be liable for any damage caused by the pet in the office. Once the information has been approved, you can get the pet ID card or certificate that depicts the approval from the company.

Pet owners need to take care of their pets in the office
It is the responsibility of the pet owners to see that their pets are being watched all the time while they are in office. Great ways of doing that is by having the pets at their cubicle or have a co-worker supervise them. Whenever you take your pet for a walk ensure that they are properly leashed. Pets also need bathroom breaks hence, pet owners need to ensure that they get proper bathroom breaks and the necessary clean up after the act. If the clean up act is not done properly, it can create lots of issues amongst landlords and other building occupants. The company should also give flexibility to the employees to take their pets outside for a swift walk right through the day.

Pets need to behave properly in the office environment
Pets can only be allowed to stay in the office premises if they act properly and do not disturb the business operations of the office or disturb other employees. On top of it, pet owners need to ensure that their pet is socially friendly with other employees and do not show any aggressive nature towards them. Pets should not be allowed to chew or damage office property. There needs to be a safe area where pet owners can comfortably place their pets. Pet owners should also be allowed to bring in the pet’s favourite blanket, toys, bed, water and food dishes to make the pet comfortable and safe in the office environment. Pet owners need to groom their pets prior to coming into office to keep the office clean and to lessen shedding.

Consider the concerns of employees who are allergic or uncomfortable in the presence of pets
The sensitivity of employees who are allergic to pet or feel uncomfortable in the presence of the pets need to be taken into consideration by the company. Hence, there should be a pet free zone in the company where these employees can work comfortably. Also ask your cleaning company to completely wash and sanitize floors and surfaces where the pet has been around. If the employees are allergic to the pet, then the carpets of the office need to be vacuumed and cleaned properly so that there is no animal hair or dander in the office.

Ensure that the pets are ready to get in the office
Pets need time to be comfortable in a new environment, hence; always try to see that your pet is comfortable when they are introduced to the employees in the office. You can do this by bringing your pets to the office during off hours like in the morning before the scheduled start of the office timing or in the late evenings or on a weekend. When there are fewer employees the pet will not find it disturbing. If there are multiple employees bringing pets on the same day it is a good idea to meet each other outside the office with general introduction and make the pets walk together.

Once you have considered these tips it would make your task a lot easier to make your office pet friendly. Do you any other tips that we have missed out? If yes; then post your comments below.