7 Ingenious Things to do to ensure that your Pooch Smells Great

Ways to make your Dog Smell Great

Each and every doggie has a unique personality, look and even his own doggie smell. If your dog smells foul it can be due to poor health or they have been in contact with something smelly. If you are unsure how the dog has contacted smell, it is better to get in touch with your veterinarian. But in case if you are not willing to spend on a vet visit you can use some of the things mentioned below to ensure that your dog smells great:

Integrate chlorophyll in the dog diet
Chlorophyll is a native substance that plants utilize to make their own food. It is the stuff that makes leaves green. It acts as a natural deodorizer that gets rid of different types of toxins, fungus and bacteria from the body of dogs. Integrating a little bit of liquid chlorophyll to the dog’s diet on a frequent basis like integrating it in water, decreases the different types of odour producing problems. It also makes the dog’s skin and breath smell much better.

Regular brushing the teeths of dogs
It is very important to provide hard, chewy or crunchy foods and toys to the dogs in order to keep the plague away from their teeth. As you may be aware of the fact that plague consists of bacteria which may be responsible for bad breath in dogs. This stinky smell makes it very difficult to keep the dog around for a very long time.

Plague is also responsible for harbouring small bits of old food in dogs. Hence, you need to ensure that your dog gets regular brushing of teeth with Dentipet Toothpaste for Dogs and a soft toothbrush. This will assist in eliminating the bad breath and will also help in getting rid of sticky coating. Always use dog toothpaste and never human toothpaste on your dog.

Use baking soda on the dog’s body
Baking soda acts as a natural deodorizer and it works as a wonder on a dog whose coat smells bad. While using baking soda on the dog’s coat brush the coat initially so that all the foreign matter causing the smell gets eliminated and then use baking soda through the dog fur. Ensure that it does not enter the eyes of the dogs. It may take a few minutes for the baking soda to be effective once that is done give another brushing to ensure that foreign matter is removed from the coat of the dog. If your dog has a sensitive skin, then takes the recommendation from your veterinarian before using it on the dog.

Apply vinegar on the body of dog
If your dog has come in contact with skunk with a bad odour you can apply vinegar on him as it acts as a neutralizing agent to get rid of the smell. But you need to apply it on the dog fur rigorously for approximately 10 minutes for getting the results. You can also integrate a good dish washing detergent that will assist in loosening the grip of the oily skunk spray on the coat of the dog. It will get rid of the smell rather swiftly. Ensure that you rinse your dog well with this treatment to wash vinegar, skunk spray and detergent off.

Cleaning the ears of the dog
Dogs can have smelly ears, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. You can clean the ears of your dog with the assistance of Bradfield’s Ear Cleaner, Cerumol Ear Drops, Troy Ear Canker Drops and Natural Animal Solutions Ear Cleaner. With the help of these ear cleaning solutions you can make your dog’s ears smell fresh and nice.

Wash the dog’s bedding on a regular basis
Remember a dirty bed is the first thing that will make your dog stink. Hence, it is very important to clean their bed at the day’s end. If you do this regularly it will assist in eliminating the dog from stinking or even from other diseases.

Wash the dog after walks
Once you are back from dog walks ensure that the dog is properly rinsed so that the dirt and mud that the dog has acquired does not affect him. It also prevents the dog from going inside the house dirty therefore there will be no possible skin problems that can be acquired when the dog is not washed properly after getting in contact with dirt.

Can you add some more ways to ensure that your doggie smells great? If yes; then post your comments below and we will integrate the ideas in our future blog.