Is It a Good Idea to Have More Than One Pet?

Challenges and Solutions while Bringing Another Pet
Is the idea of bringing another pet home crossing your mind since long? Do you really want to double the joy wagging tails? Are you really looking forward to add a new member to your furry family? And if the answers to all these questions come as a big YES then you must think about the pros and cons of your decision. One more pet would certainly give you mushy feelings as those furry bundles of joy are nothing but love wrapped in furry bodies.

Having said this, the scenario may not be completely rosy for you. As a pet owner you may need to invest a lot of yourself including your time, energy, money and emotions in bringing and raising another pet. Moreover, you need to check if your existing pet should not get deprived of anything. It is important to think on all these aspects before bringing a new furry guy home. Let us check the demands and challenges of bringing a new pet home.

Challenges of bringing a new companion for your furry friend:

It doubles the work: When you have one more pet then it doubles your responsibility. Be it bathing the pet, exercising or vaccinating or any other task, now you have to do for two guys. So, you must be ready for it. Prepare yourself in advance. Keep in mind that things would be taxing in the beginning at least. Gradually, it may ease for you. The good side is that you will get a double dose of love for all that you do.

The issue of pets not getting along: Unfortunately, if the two pets don’t get along with each other then it would be a disaster. In such case, you will be helpless and so, make all arrangements for a perfect introduction. If your first pet is a loner then bringing a new one home may not be the ideal thing. You can also take suggestions from vets and pet experts before finalising the idea of adding a new pet in your family.

As dogs are pack animals they may adjust with a new one of their kind. Again, it’s the time they spend without you that matters. If they get along well then they would a good company for each other but if not then it would be a hell for them and for you. Cats are independent but they love playmates and so, they would enjoy having a company. Introducing an adult cat with another may have some territory issues but a kitten may get lot of love from a senior cat.

The space problem: If your apartment is small then going for another pet is not a good thing to do. If you cannot provide all facilities to the new one then there is not point getting him. So, keep the space thing in mind. If your home can accommodate more than one pet then only go for it. Again, as per the space you need to get the breed. Bringing a Great Dane in a small apartment may not be the best idea. Cats do not need large space and so, you will not face any place issues in bringing a cat home.

The finances: Money matters and it surely does when you have pets! While adopting a new pet you must be financially stable. He will need certain kind of food, living arrangement and treatments. You should be able to fulfil all these requirements. Thus, monetary stability is very important especially when you want to add another four-legged member in your family.

Plan all these things in advance. If all these things are at place then owning a new pet would become easy. It would be a win-win situation for both you and your pet. Once you are ready for dealing with all this then there is no denial to doubling your source of unconditional joy that you get from pets. So, be sure of arranging all this and then welcome your new best friend for life. All the Best!