An Insight In Your Dog’s Life : Disinfecting Tapeworms

Tapeworms are intestinal parasites with flat structure. They attach themselves to the intestinal parts of the hosts with their hook like mouth structures. When these worms mature, they break down into smaller parts which look like the size of rice grains. These blood sucking parasites feed on the nutrients provided to the host.


These small, white-colored worms can be noticed in the anal region or under the furry tail of the pup.

There are various symptoms that your dog may exhibit when they have tapeworms like:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss even though having a good appetite
  • Segments of worms found in the faeces
  • Itchiness and licking of anal area
  • Scooting
  • Dull fur coat

There are mainly 4 kinds of tapeworms that can infect your furry pals. All of them attract different species as hosts to spread the infection.

  1. Dipylidium caninum

This is the most common type of tapeworm found in the dogs. This worm causes infection in the dog’s body by the means of fleas. When a dog having tapeworms litters in the open ground, fleas feed on it and then these fleas carrying tapeworm eggs are ingested by the dogs.

  1. Taenia hydatigena/multiceps/Pisiformis/serialis

This kind of tapeworm infects the dog when he eats infected livestock. The larval stage of thee tapeworms attaches itself to the host like sheep,pig,rodents and goats.

  1. Echinococcus

This infection is spread in dogs by consuming infected wildlife and livestock which are the intermediate hosts to tapeworms.

  1. Diphyllobothrium

This type of tapeworm is ingested from consuming under-cooked or raw fish

All of the above mentioned parasites or tapeworms can be treated by various methods. Try your best to prevent your dog from getting infected, but if it does, some of the treatment measures that will help your dog regain your health are:


These are flavoured tablets that protects the dogs from 12 types of worms found in intestines, one of them being tapeworms. It is safe to use in puppies also but of at least 2 weeks of age.

  1. Endogard

It is a liver flavoured tablet and protects your dogs from severe infections. It has an ingredient called Praziquantel, which fights against tapeworms. It should be given to dog according to their weight as its not suitable for pups less than 2kgs.

  1. Virbac Tapewormer

It is highly effective in treating all the tapeworm in dogs. It not only eliminates all the worms present in the intestines but also protects them from worm infected diseases. It is safe for pups of 12 weeks of age and above. It is also a well-suited medication for pregnant females.

All the above mentioned products can be found online or in a local pet shop. If your dog is showing any symptoms related to tapeworm infection, a diagnosis from the vet is a must to identify it. After diagnosis of the dog, the vet will guide you through the treatment process.

Apart from the medications suggested by the vet, you can also give a try to the successful home remedies that will reduce the effect of infections.

  • Garlic: Safe for dogs if given in small amounts.

Usage: Give 1 clove or 1tsp of freshly chopped garlic to the dogs per 30 pounds of weight.

  • Pumpkin seeds : One of the safest and effective ways to treat your dog at home.

Usage: 1/4th tsp per 10 pounds of weight

  • Oregon Grape : It’s an antibiotic, liver tonic and an anti-parasitic drug. Should not be used for pregnant dogs.

Usage: 12 drops per 20 pounds

Many preventive measures will help you in maintaining your canine’s health. Prevention is always better than cure, so follow the given points for your dog to lead a healthy life.

  1. Flea control should be prioritised to protect your dog from getting tapeworm infections because fleas acts as the immediate hosts.
  2. Regular de-worming is the best way to prevent any harm from being caused to the pet.
  3. Avoid giving raw or under cooked meat to your dogs as they might be infected.
  4. Clean up your dog’s faeces if he eliminates in the open. This will reduce the chances of infection in all the animals.
  5. Don’t let your dog anywhere near the garbage.

Sanitation is important whether be it for humans or dogs. A hygienic environment will keep away most of the infections.

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