Balancing Sensitive Tummy in Felines: Your Ultimate How-to Guide


Just like human beings, cats can undergo rare stomach upset. If your feline friend is suffering from excessive flatulence or loose stools then chances are that they are suffering from sensitive stomach specifically if they undergo these things after eating. If your cat is healthy and spends some time outside then a rare stomach upset should not be taken as a warning signal. But if the pain is persistent or recurring with severe stomach upset then it is time to set the alarm bells ringing!!

If you are concerned about the sudden deterioration of your feline then contact your veterinarian immediately and ask them relevant questions that you have about your cat’s health. But before going to the vet you can take the following steps to ensure that your tabby feels good from the inside:

Be vigilant

Always be on the watch and see to it that your feline does not eat anything that is spoiled. If it is an outdoor cat then it is especially important to ensure that they do not get in contact with inappropriate food and internal parasites.

Always check for hairballs

If hairballs are causing the problem then there is specific food that needs to be fed to the cat depending on the severity of the problem. You can feed them Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Feline Dry, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Savory Chicken Entree Feline Cans, and Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Mature Adult Feline Dry. This will assist in reducing the hairball problems in your tabby.

Do not ever give milk or dairy products to your feline

Your feline friend might love the taste of milk but it has been found that they do not have the ability to digest dairy products smoothly. Hence, avoid giving it to them.

Divide meals into smaller quantities throughout the day

Cats that eat very fast have the tendency to swallow a lot of air. One way to resolve this problem is by dividing their meals into smaller quantities fed throughout the day. This will help them digest the food.

Feed the right quantity to the cat

It has been observed that eating too much can also cause problems in digestion. Hence, always feed the cat according to the directions specified on the back of the product.

Gradually shift to a new diet

It takes time for a feline to adjust to a new diet and so if you are planning to change their nutritional food do so only in unavoidable circumstances very slowly. Introduce smaller quantity of the new diet and then gradually increase the quantity of the new food in place of the old one.

Feed highly nutritional quality food to your feline

Cats face problems in digesting low-quality ingredients. Hence, always go for the best nutritional choice. One of the prime cat foods that can be given to your cat during sensitive stomach is Hill’s Science Diet Adult S/Stomach & Skin Feline Dry. It has been specifically developed for adult cats that are suffering from sensitive stomach.