How to find out whether your Pooch has an Aggressive Nature?

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These actions suggest that your Doggie is being Aggressive……Act Now

Every dog owner wants their dog to be obedient and highly controlled but even these cute little furry friends sometimes cross their limits and depict certain behaviour that can go a long way in defining them as lovable pets that we love. Remember, dogs even though very cute and lovable still are animals that have the capability of inflicting great damage and even cause accidental death of human beings. But it has often been found that dogs do not hurt human beings normally since we tag them as the best friends of human beings.

But there are certain actions that can tell a dog owner whether their pooch is acting aggressively. Let us look at some of the pointers:


It has generally been observed that doggies that are aggressive by nature try to showcase their dominance by placing their mouth around body parts of human beings and try to take them to a place. This is not funny. Do not allow your furry friend ever to conduct this behaviour no matter how cute this seems at the beginning. Believe us if you encourage this behaviour in your doggie it means that you are allowing the dog to be your in charge. This, if prolonged can result in violent behaviour from your pooch if challenged in the future.

Coming aggressively towards you and then backing off at the last minute

Do you find your doggie lunging towards you in full force and then withdraw at the last minute of the contact? If yes, then it shows that the pooch is trying to test his limits by playing around. He is trying to gauge the extent of closeness that he can maintain from you without getting injured. If this kind of behaviour accompanies with a loud growl or raised hackles it means that you are in great need to train your aggressive pet.

Does not allow you to touch him

Generally it has been found that dogs love to be petted. They generally find it comfortable when you rub their belly buttons. But if your pooch runs away when you try to touch him, then it shows that he is afraid of you. This can quickly transform into aggression that can result in an attack if you are not vigilant enough. You need to take the help of a professional trainer in order to correct this behaviour with some love and patience.

Directly stares at you

Dogs do not enjoy eye contact with either other pets or human being for a long period of time. This is because it can indicate an act of dominance. If in case, your furry friend  stares at you and does not seem to back away it means that he thinks that he is the boss and it has been observed that these dominant dogs can display aggressive behaviour at any cost. Hence, always discourage this behaviour in dogs.


The nipping habit starts during the puppy stage in dogs. While you might find nipping to be fun in puppies it can turn into an aggressive behaviour if not discouraged on a timely basis. Remember, dogs cannot differentiate between playful nipping and aggressive nipping. Apart from this, if you find that your pooch is sniffing you or showing teeth during the act it means that he is either anxious or fearful.

Guttural growl

Growling comes naturally to dogs and it connotes wide array of emotion. Hence, it is important that you pay attention at the sound when the growling happens. If the dog is growling from the back of the throat and the bark is deeper than usual, it may be due to aggressiveness or simply because your furry friend is scared or angry. If you find this behaviour in your pooch never act in a way that seems to be threatening to your pooch because it can result in the dog biting you.

If you find your doggie facing any of the aggression problems mentioned above, then it is better to take him to the veterinarian and describe the situation in detail to them. This way you can first of all negate any medical condition that might be causing the aggression. If it is not due to any medical problem, then ask for the help from a certified trainer.

Note: Never try to tackle an aggressive dog alone since it can lead to potential attack.

Always remember that a well-trained dog is always a happy and obedient dog. Train your furry friend properly and keep them away from the undesired aggression.