Collars – A Perfect One for Every Pooch


Pet parents always look to adorn their pets with beautiful accessories – whether it is a collar, harness, chest plate or lease. When it comes to collar, there are numerous of them available in the market with attractive colors including neon color the latest trend, and with lot many attractive features. However, when selecting a collar for your pooch, it is always wise find the right one that fits your furry pal comfortably. Because, unfitted or poorly fit collar may break into the flesh or may harm your pet in some or the other way.

The most common injury that most pets face is underarm lacerations that happens due to collar that had been caught under the front leg and choking relating injuries. At worst, it may even choke the pooch to death.

In order to save your pooch or kitty from the danger of unfit collar, let us find here the right technique to put the collar on your dog perfectly making him comfortable.

For Dogs

  • When buckling, as a rule, there should be at least two to three fingers gap between the collar and the neck of the pooch, without it slipping over the head.
  • Puppies tend to grow and quickly and as a rule, you need to constantly check onto his/her collar to ensure that it does not gets too tight around the neck. This is to ensure that they can breathe and move comfortably.
  • In adult dogs, you need to check monthly to ensure the size and maintenance.

Moreover, there are different collars for dogs are available for different purposes. Let us learn more about such collars here.

Different Types of Collars for Different Purposes


There are these medication collars also for the treatment of fleas and ticks on dogs. Collars such as Preventic, Kiltix tick collar and Scalibor protect your pooch from flea and tick infestation. These collars are easy to fit and comfortable.

Adaptil collar


For dogs with anxiety issues, Adaptil collar is the right pick. This collar available in two different sizes for puppy and dog can slip on easily. This therapeutic collar has tranquilizing effect in keeping the pet calm and relaxed under stressful conditions.

Many regular collars are there which are useful for walking or keeping your dog under leash. They come in wide range of variety to choose from.



If your dog has a habit of pulling on the head, then the canny dog collar can work effectively. It makes walking your dog safe, comfortable and pleasurable.


For training purposes, Jorvet Halti head collars are highly workable. These collars support in dog training sessions and provide complete control while walking the dog.

For Cats

There are separate special collars for cats. When buying cat collars always remember that there should be a safety feature, like an elastic band or buckle that pulls apart under a pulling force. This will allow the collar to stretch and break apart under the force when your cat is stuck in a fence or a tree. This ensures no harm is caused to the kitty.

To avoid the pet lost situations, collars with tags are also available or you can get a microchip identification tag to attach to your pet’s collar. It helps for easy identification and can be returned safely should the pet is lost.

Recently, a cat lost for five years has been brought back to the owner by the rescue team with the help identification tag including microchip, which is more helpful as it is a permanent form of identification.

Knowing the facts, if you are looking to find the perfect collar for your pooch, then our team of vet assistants can help you. Click here NOW!!!