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JorVet Halti Head Collar
Brand: Jorvet

JorVet Halti Head Collar

VetSupply Offers JorVet Halti Head Collar for Dog online. Buy JorVet Halti Head Collar for Dog @ affordable price today. 2008
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4 / 5
Reviews: 3
my fido always hate every head collars but not with this one.. he is comfortable with it's soft nylon. Thanks to vet supply!

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JorVet Halti Head Collars

JorVet Halti Head Collars has been specially designed to give you complete control while walking with your dog. It simplifies training so that walking with your dog is more of a fun. It also includes an adjustable camlock that assists in ensuring that the collar is secured and comfortable to wear without confining the natural mouth movements of your pooch.

This product comes with a training manual so that it becomes easier for you to learn the techniques for loose leash walking. It contains soft nylon which fits comfortably on the face of your dog.

This collar comes in different sizes according to the size and breed of the dog:

  • Size 0 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR XSML) - Toy Poodle, Yorkie , Papillion & other toy breeds
  • Size 1 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR SML) - Jack Russell, Daschund, Westie, etc.
  • Size 2 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR MED) - Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, etc.
  • Size 3 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR LGE) - Boxer, Labs, Shepherds, Setters, etc.
  • Size 4 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR XLGE) - Rottweiler, Mastiff, Newfoundland
  • Size 5 Halti (HALTI HEAD COLLAR XXLGE) - St Bernard, Great Dane, Bloodhound

The headcollar gets easily fit to the dog thereby applying soft pressure to the bridge of the dog’s nose and corrects pulling by redirecting forward dog movement

  • Calms out-of-control dogs during veterinarian or grooming visit
  • Contains slack chin straps that gives freedom to the dog to pant
  • Contains soft nylon that fits at ease around the dog’s face
  • Does not affect the eyes of the dog since the noseband lies away from the eyes
  • Guides the dog’s head ensuring the body to follow
  • Lets you have the complete control while you are taking a walk with your dog
  • Simplifies the training
  • Very easy to apply

Safe to be used on dogs

More Information

Target Species: Dogs

Manufacturer: JorVet

Brand: Halti

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Reviews: 3
Rating : 46
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JorVet Halti Head Collar

JorVet Halti Head Collar

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Fits perfectly

I purchased the size 4 for my Rottweiler. It fits perfectly on his neck and gives me complete control when I take him for walks. A very handy product especially if your dog is restless.

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Perfect Fit

It fits my pet just so perfectly that I don't have to worry about losing the control on him while I go for a stroll in the evenings.

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a good one

my fido always hate every head collars but not with this one.. he is comfortable with it's soft nylon. Thanks to vet supply!

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