How to Prepare Pets to Deal with Fireworks?

Pets to Deal with Fireworks?
Fireworks and loud noises are major problems for pets. What is celebration for us is considered as the end of the world by our furry friends. Except a few rare ones, all types of domesticated animals get scared of thunders, lightening and fireworks. It is a difficult time for them. This tough time can be reduced to a shorter span if we apply techniques to calm down pets. Also, if we teach the pets to deal with this kind of situation then things can be trimmed down to a great extent.

How to prepare pets to deal with fireworks?

First of all, it is important that we spend time with our pet. That daily dose of good quality time spent in talking and relaxing the pet will help in teaching new things quite easily. Again, whenever we are planning celebrations or festivities, we get so busy that our pets feel ignored. This can make them hypersensitive and instigate negative behaviour. So, if you are planning fireworks in near future then make sure that you are giving enough time to the pet.

Next thing is to make them aware of the festivals. You can talk to them about the upcoming celebrations. YES! Animal communicators across the globe suggest having a thorough conversation with your pet. Talk about the celebration and tell them that there will be light in the sky and noise around them. Convey that they would be absolutely fine and can RELAX or can hide at their favourite place. Make sure, you keep the hiding place ready and micro chip the pets to prevent them from getting lost.

You can also go for music therapy on the eve of the festival. Play some music in the house that can distract the pet from other noises. Be it classical, meditative, radio or TV sound, just play it. You can also use pheromone diffusers to create a calming environment in your home. It helps the pet to relax easily. You can also keep them in one separate room to keep them away from loud cheers by the guests. For this, you need to comfort and appreciate Fido or pussy and may need to give some treats.

Some tips to use on the day of the festival:

In emergency cases, use Bach flower essences. Pour 4-7 drops on the pet’s fur and stroke gently. You can use this method 7 days before the D-day and 3 days after the occasion.

If the pet is a dog:

  • A longer walk or exercise session will tire Fido down. An extra tiredness will reduce chances of him freaking out when the noises take place.
  • Keep him in a separate room or garage where the noises are less. Prefer to keep him on leash but do not chain them as it may result in choking if your pup puts extra effort to hide, jump or react.
  • If your pet lives outdoors then their hiding place should be kept ready. Fencing is a must in such cases. They should be wearing their name tags and ids with your contact number.
  • Positive reinforcement works wonders in this case. Do not hug or cuddle with the pet if he comes running to you during fireworks. Act normal and ask them to sit by your side.
  • Another technique is to play scary noises a few days ahead so that the pet gets accustomed to such noises and stops fearing. Take your vet’s advice for this.

If the pet is a cat:

  • Keep the kitty indoors. Keep her favourite hiding place neat and clean.
  • Do not get them out of their hiding space. She may get unnerved and scratch with her claws.
  • Keep them in a close place. You can use TV or radio sound to distract cats.
  • Cat pheromone diffusers can be used to calm down cats.

For other pets, just cover their enclosures. Or, keep them in a garage or places where there are no chances of loud noises. Keep clean beddings and arrange extra beddings that help them snuggle and hide. That’s it! This is how you can prepare pets deal with fireworks during festivals. Try all this as it works wonderfully! All the Best!