Planning to own a pet? – Check the breeds first

Planning to own a pet?
Planning to own a pet? Not sure about which pet to choose? Well, first know your own personality, choices and also check the environment which you can provide to the upcoming member of the family. Brain storm and find what kind of a companion you want. Do you want someone who can match your activity levels? Or, one that enjoys spending time with the family? Do you need a friend for your child? Or you prefer someone who can help the elderly members of the family?

Think on all these questions. It is also important to keep a check on the finances. An added family member would also demand certain expenses. Are you prepared for all the changes? Is the family ready for the new addition in the house? Talk to the members of the family and figure out the kind of four legged friend you want for life. Please keep in mind that a pet will need a lot of time and may bring many changes in your lifestyle. Of course the change would be for the better! So, be ready for it.

Once you get to know about the kind of furry partner you want, just start checking on the breed that matches your choice. This is very important as bringing home a pet that does not match your or your family’s temperament could be quite cumbersome in the long run. It may leave you exhausted and frustrate the poor pet. Therefore, research well on dog breeds so that you can bring home a life that adds more value, comfort and joy in your life.

Which breed of dog will suit you?

Sporty athletic dog: If you are an enthusiastic person and have a zeal for life then it’s better to choose a breed that can match your energy levels. Go for active dog breeds like golden retrievers, Mutt, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever etc. By choosing any of these breeds, you will not only have a loyal companion but an active partner in all adventures.
The family guy: If you are living with a family and have kids then you need to choose from dog breeds that love the company of people and kids. The best choice as a family guy would be Labrador retriever, pug, German shepherd, beagle, poodle, King Charles spaniel, cavoodle and more. Ponder upon these breeds, ask your friend’s experience if he has any of these breeds and zero down on your future pet.

Friend for the elderly: If you have elderly members in the family then you need to choose from breeds that good service dogs or are patient and caring by nature. It would be good if you select from breeds that need less exercise and are patient by nature. Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Golden Doodle, Kings Charles spaniel etc are some of the breeds that would add life to your golden years. Ideal for seniors, these dogs show cooperation and care.

All round family dog: When you want a pup that becomes the heart of the family then go for dog breed that remains connected to the entire family. The best breeds that love people and enjoy their company are Labrador retriever, golden retrievers, cavaliers, pugs, Australian shepherd etc are some of the top contenders for family favourite dog breeds.

Prefect for the apartment: If you live in a small apartment and bring home a giant breed of dog then it can be a ‘fitting’ issue for you as well as the pet. So, make sure you bring home a pet that fits into your heart, family as well as the apartment. Providing basic facilities if not amenities is one of the inevitable duties of the pet owner. Thus, keep an eye on the size of the pet to assure that he will have ample space to enjoy at your place.

To conclude, these are some of the points to be considered by a first time pet parent. Think not just twice but hundred times because abandoning a pet is the most dreadful thing for the poor animal. If you are ready to bring home a life time companion then only go for it. Another goodwill gesture would be to adopt a pet from shelter homes. This is the finest way to say no to puppy mills and a step towards humanity. Consider all the aspects before bringing that furry guy home. All the Best!