When can I start Pet Food for my Puppy?

Tips for Feeding your Puppy
Puppies are just like kids. They need your warmth, love and food to have a fulfilling life. But the most important thing is to determine when to start pet food for your beloved puppy. This answer can depend on a number of factors like breed type, age, sex, and activity level of the puppy. But mostly it has been found that:

  • From birth to about 3-4 weeks of age, mother’s milk should be enough to satisfy the nutritional needs of a puppy
  • After the 4th week your puppy should be given solid food supplements
  • These food supplements should be able to provide quality nutrients which are balanced along with a highly palatable taste. This is very important to develop the taste buds in your little friend.

When you shift from mother’s milk to solid food, there are bound to be some time before your puppy can acquaint himself to the change. He may dev elop an upset stomach or diarrhea. If the diarrhea is severe, you need to take him to the veterinarian immediately. Hence, it is advisable to make the shift to solid food over a 4 day period if possible and provide fresh water to your puppy at all times!!

How many times should I feed my little puppy?
As suggested earlier, it depends on the age, breed and size of the puppy. But normally it has been found that:

  • Feeding four meals a day till the puppy reaches four months of age is ideal
  • After the fourth month you can reduce the meal to 3 times per day and then 2 times a day till the puppy becomes an adult

Normally, it is not feasible for pet owners to feed their little ones in these fixed time frames. Hence, in such scenarios, it is advisable to give a minimum feed at least twice a day during their growing age. When they reach adulthood the dogs can be fed twice a day. This is especially advisable for large breeds.

Which puppy food is best for my little friend?
There are lots of premium puppy foods available in the market. However, the diet is normally based on the condition of the pet:

  • So for example, if your puppy needs growth support he should be fed Advance Puppy Plus Growth Large Breed with Chicken Dry food, Applaws It’s All Good Puppy All Breed, Eukanuba Healthy Extras Puppy Growth and Iams ProActive Health Small And Medium Breed Puppy Junior Food.
  • If your puppy requires a low calorie diet, then Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed Light food and Hill’s Prescription Diet R/D Weight Loss-Low Calorie Canine Dry food can be given.
  • Introduce these solid foods to your puppy by mixing it with small kibble

There are different brands that are available in the market that provide rehydratable option. You need to decide the best food for your puppy based on their breed and size for overall growth. There are lots of products available in the market offering small or large breed variety of food.

When should I stop giving him puppy food?
A puppy will transform from puppy to adult dog food is contingent on your puppy’s own characteristics, health, lifestyle and brand of food that you feed him. Every puppy has its own individual characteristics, hence; it is recommended to take the advice of a veterinarian before giving adult food to your puppy.

  • It has generally been observed that small dogs with a weight of less than 25 kgs take a maximum of 12 months of age to turn into adulthood
  • While for large dogs with a weight of more than 25 kgs it can take around 15 months of age to turn into adulthood

Hence, it is advised to speak with your veterinarian before changing the food of your puppy as the level of nutrition will differ from one breed to another.