Horse Supplements – How Important They are for Your Horse Health

Horse Supplements
All animals essentially require inorganic elements like minerals along with organic elements to help them stay healthy and active. Some amino acids, hormones and vitamins need minerals as base. The minerals that are important are required in larger amounts whereas there are few others – trace minerals which are needed in small amounts only. Major minerals that are crucial are phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and sulphur. A horse usually requires major minerals and vitamins in order to fit in health along with normal amount of trace minerals.

Many of the required minerals are included in hay and grain, but there are different parts of the country where these can be in inadequate in the foodstuffs grown there. Providing a well balanced mineral supplement is essential to ensure good health. Certain supplements such as Rose Hip Vital Equine, Equimin, etc help stay horses active and healthy.

Trace Minerals
Horses require trace amount of iron and copper supplement which helps lower developmental orthopaedic disease. Iron is also essential for blood, which prevents iron-deficient anaemia. Cobalt helps in synthesis of Vitamin B-12 and to regulate metabolism and growth horses need iodine which is a component of thyroid hormone. Zinc ensures healthy skin, bone, hoof and connective tissue in horse.

Major Minerals
An adequate amount of calcium and phosphorus is for healthy teeth and bones. For muscle and nervous tissue function magnesium is needed. Good amount of potassium helps maintain cell’s acid-base balance as well as internal cellular fluid pressure. Sodium is necessary for the regulation of body fluids.

A nutritional horse supplement contains the major and trace minerals for a healthy horse. Companion ponies and other horses need to be given extra supplements to keep them healthy and productive.

Provide the best care to your horses by supplying them with proper vitamins and minerals, which help increase their efficiency.