Grain Free Food Ideal for Pets? – Just Cross Check!

Grain Free Food
Pet food industry is observing a sudden deviation where grain free food is being chosen over regular foods for the pets. For the very many benefits grain free food has become a top choice of pet parents. Although the benefits are many, there are some of the strong reasons against the use of grain free diet for your pet. Let us check in detail how the food, be it grain free or made up of grains affects your pet’s health.

What is grain free food for pets?

Grain free food is made by mixing meat, vegetables and other nutritious elements. Its increasing use if for pets. The reason is that pets have been omnivorous animals that used to live on meat and veggies. But since they have been domesticated their food habits have changed. Now, dogs and cats eat more like humans that is they feed more on grains.

What is the reason for shift towards grain free food?

Slowly there has been a shift towards more natural diet for pets. Studies suggest that as per the body structure and natural habits, a diet devoid of grains is more suitable for pets. It is believed to be an organic alternative to home food, kibbles, wet food and other sources of processed pet foods. It is also assumed to give natural nutrition to pets. However, there can be another side of the story.

How grain free food may not be the best food for your pet?

Well, pets need balanced nutrition, regardless of whether the food contains grains or not. The diet needs to provide absolute nutrition without any excess or deficiencies. However, grain free food does not suffice the need of all pets. Nutrition is a subjective thing which changes according to the health of an individual pet. So, a grain free food does not necessarily mean a one-size-fits-all kind of pet food.

Even the so called grain free diet may prove to be allergic to a pet that reacts to a certain ingredient. However, many grains have shown least allergic traits for dogs and cats while meat and veggies have resulted in allergic reactions. Thus, be it with or without grains, a diet that suits your pet is the ideal food as it will add to his health.

How to make the right choice?

Ask your vet: Your vet knows your pet in and out. Check with him to know what will suit your pet and what not. Make a list of things that may not suit your pooch or kitty. While buying food, check the ingredient list and if it contains any of the things in your list then say no to it. Also, consult about the perfect diet with a pet nutritionist.

Research on the brand: Whatever food you provide should be known to you thoroughly. Do a thorough research on the brand. Find if they have vet nutritionist and whether their products go through feeding trials and quality tests. Check reviews to know the reality behind the sky high claims made by pet food suppliers. Ask other pet parents about the authenticity of the grain less food.

Rely on the actual manufacturers: Assure that the brand from which you buy grain less diet is original manufacturer and not a company that outsources manufacturing. Actual manufacturers are more involved in the process and thus are more reliable. Also check on the consumer service numbers which would be provided on the food bag. This shows that they are ready to help in case things go wrong.

To sum up, a grain free diet may not give the best form of nutrition to your pet. So, make sure you just don’t get blinded by logical reasons which may do no good to your pet. Get her the food that adds nutrition as well as health to her! All the best!