Role of Fruits and Vegetables in Pet Nutrition

fruits and vegetables nutrition for Pets

Pet nutrition is the first thing in mind when we talk about pet health. Everyone wants their pets to remain healthy and disease free. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in total health of the pet. Just like humans dogs, cats and other furry animals need an adequate supply of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more to make and maintain building blocks of their body. These nutrients help in providing organ health as well as improve overall wellbeing of the pets.

Food is the main source of all the nutrients. Your pet’s food will define his health. It is thus important to give him high quality food so that he leads a hearty life. Apart from dry kibbles, wet food and other processed form of bites, you can give the pet natural items like fruits and vegetables. Yes! Fruits and vegetables will fill up a big chunk of your pet’s nutrition quota. They will offer the pet a much stronger immune system, radicals to fight of infections and prevention for chronic diseases.

Fruits and vegetables that are highly nutritious for the pet:

Carrots: Yes! Topping the list of most nutritious vegetable is something that is found in almost all kitchens, Carrots! The red and orange coloured root is rich in beta carotene, which is essential for good vision. It also hunts down free radicals responsible for causing oxidative damage to the pet’s body. Falcarinol found in carrots blocks the development of carcinogenic cells and thus prevents cancer.

All you have to do is steam or sauté the carrot and give it to your pet. Raw carrot cannot be digested easily by cats and dogs as they have difficulty in digesting cellulose found in plants. Therefore, you need to steam the carrot while keeping its top intact and then slice it and give to the pet as food. So, just care with carrots!

Beans: Beans and bean pods are rich in fibre and antioxidants. These are highly beneficial as they reduce the levels of cholesterol and modulate glucose levels in the pet’s bloodstream. These veggies are ideal for heart, gastrointestinal tract and blood. It prevents anaemia and gastrointestinal diseases in dogs and cats.

Green leafy vegetables: Full of antioxidants, carotenoids and flavonoids, the green leafy vegetables prove highly nutritious for your furry friends. They are highly beneficial in reducing cancerous cells and reduce inflammation. They need to be steamed to make them digestible for the pets.

Brocolli: Packed with vitamins A, C and D plus trace minerals and hormone regulating compounds, Brocolli is an extremely nutritious vegetable for cats and dogs. It is the best food for preventing cancers in pets. It promotes anti-carcinogenic enzymes to prevent the damage of healthy cells. Thus, it offers total wellbeing of the pet.

All these and more fruits and vegetables should be given to your pet. They will suffice the need of nutrients and prove to be health enhancers for the furry friends. More on this can be found from your vet. Pet parents must have a meeting with the vet to get detailed list of the veggies and fruits required for the pet. Get a list for your pet as it will be in accordance with the pet’s current health condition. To sum up, provide these natural nutrients to keep your pet fit and healthy.

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